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The tech-crazy world we live in has led to thousands of new buzz words, trends and applications. SEO, cloud, CMS, viral video, mobile wallet, social marketing, pay-per-click – the list alone could fill a month’s worth of blogs. Let’s face it, unless you are an ad agency or techie, your main objective at work isn’t staying abreast of the latest trends. Instead, you are forced to do so out of necessity, often on your own time and through trial and error.

Today’s blog focuses on a new trend in following trends (yes, confusing): The educational presentation. A long-standing feature at expos and conventions, the format has now expanded to become popular as a part of the business objectives of communications managers, HR associates and, for clients, as a customer relations service.

At Appleton Creative, we’ve embraced this marketing resource trend by expanding our own client services to offer a quarterly educational Lunch & Learn series to our partners. Past topics include Mobile Marketing and Online Videos, future topics include SEO and Environmental Branding.

The series has been such a success, that we now offer an off-site Educational Presentation service as well. The initial launch has been in offering the service to our clients and to the professional associations we serve. And they’ve been a big hit! In June, Appleton Creative has hosted off-site Educational Presentations on topics such as Mobile Banking and Law Videos online.

Curious about other topics that may be of interest to your company? Here’s a few:

  • Social networks: How do they differ and which ones should your company be using?
  • Reputation management: How to foster communication with your customers while protecting your brand.
  • Mobile development: Should your company create a native or mobile web app?
  • Desktop, smartphone, and tablet: How can your website maximize its potential on each?
  • The corporate blog: Developing content that appeals to both your audience and the search engines
  • Branding: How to go beyond the logo.
  • Online video: How it impacts your website SEO and conversion

Of course, it’s easier for us to embrace this trend. It is, after all, what we do. But how can you embrace this new trend in client and employee education? You could formulate your own educational series, which can be time-consuming and expensive, or you can reach out to Appleton Creative today. We’ve got the resources and the knowledge, and are happy to be a part of your furthering education program.

Connect with the experts:

If you’re interested in having Appleton participate in your employee or client education program, please contact Amy Wise at and 407-246-0092 ext.#7.

Appleton Creative is an award-winning boutique advertising agency that provides marketing solutions through all mediums including brand development, web, e-commerce, seo, video, print advertisements – all in-house.

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