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November 13, 2013

Top Five Reasons to Adopt Responsive Website Design (That Aren’t Just About Mobile Phones)

Responsive web design is the practice of developing a single website that reflows its layout and content based on the visitor’s device. Responsive design means that whether you’re using a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone, mouse clicks or finger taps, you’re presented with a website that is beautiful, user-friendly and optimized specifically for your browsing experience. It’s a […]

July 31, 2013

4 Marketing Strategies and Trends for 2013

Educational Lunch & Learn events are hosted quarterly within the Appleton Creative offices benefiting our clients and associates with up-to-date marketing news. Recently we hosted a special edition, Marketing Strategies and Trends, for our friends at  CREW Orlando, the local chapter of an international organization with the purpose of expanding business networks, promoting diversity, and educating […]

November 14, 2012

2013 Marketing Strategies and Trends: Part 1 – The Responsive Web

It’s a technology-driven world, and our marketing departments are evolving and adapting to reflect the continual advancements. Like anything in business, its always better to be ahead of the curve. So what does the future hold in four of our key areas: Websites, Print, Video and PR, and what will your marketing departments be talking […]

September 12, 2012

Best Practices for Search Engine Optimization: Part 4

(Part three of this series on SEO can be found here.) Previously, we took a look at Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing. But how does it compare to organic SEO? Organic SEO vs Pay Per Click Organic SEO PPC Advertising • Costs Associated with Content Creation • Geographic, Device, and Additional Targeting • Slow to Build Traffic • Near-Instant Traffic • Difficult […]

August 29, 2012

Best Practices for Search Engine Optimization: Part 3

(Part two of this series on SEO can be found here.) Last week, we took a look at Organic SEO. Today, we’ll be focusing on PPC ads. Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising:  What Is It? PPC Advertising can refer to several ad networks: Google, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, to name a few. We’ll just be talking […]

August 22, 2012

Best Practices for Search Engine Optimization: Part 2

(Part one of this series on SEO can be found here.) Last week, we discussed the importance of setting strong goals for your search engine optimization plan. Now, it’s time to examine some of the tactics that can be used to achieve your SEO goals. Organic SEO: What Is It? Organic search engine optimization is […]

August 15, 2012

Best Practices for Search Engine Optimization: Part 1

We’ll be spending the next few weeks looking at the SEO process, hoping to remove a little of the mystery and focus on what’s important to a business-owner or marketing team. Some of the topics we’ll discuss are: What’s the SEO process? Organic SEO & Pay Per Click (PPC): How they work and when to […]

June 22, 2012

Creating effective videos for attorney websites

 Did you know:  Video will account for 80% of internet traffic by 2015 Websites with video capture audiences 5 times longer than those without Websites with video are 53 times more likely to have a front-page Google result YouTube is the #2 search engine, with 200 million views daily Online video has rapidly risen to […]

June 13, 2012

UCF Town & Gown Council Brainstorms at Appleton

One of our favorite community groups to work with, UCF Town & Gown, came to our office today to hold their annual brainstorming session. Town & Gown is a council committed to strengthening relationships between the University of Central Florida (Gown) and the community (Town). We have worked with Town & Gown council for several […]

June 7, 2012

Designing and developing real estate websites – Common questions about the MLS, mobile, and video

Florida real estate demand currently is back on the rise! The Orlando Regional Realtors Association, reports that the price of Orlando homes has increased by 13 percent over the last year and predicts the trend to continue. With fewer houses on the market and a stronger demand, now is the perfect time to refine your […]