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July 23, 2013

How to Use Instagram to Further Your Business

Instagram, one of today’s most popular apps with over 80 million users, has unleashed our artistic side through photographic expression. But can it promote a company? Businesses are beginning to incorporate social media and online networking to stay up to date. The following steps have been used to gain attention and give further insight on […]

August 14, 2012

Marketing Strategy: Insta-Hits – Instagram for promotions, contests and corporate fun

Instagram has caught the attention of 50 million users across the country. The widely popular photo-share site isn’t used only by the millennial generation – savvy-hip business owners can also be found promoting their goods and services. Take a look, and you’ll find that companies of all sizes are taking advantage of the mobile app as […]

August 9, 2012

Marketing Strategy: Boost Your Brand with Instagram

Top Orlando companies are hopping on the hottest new social media bandwagon: Instagram. Orlando leaders such as Arnold Palmer Hospital, UCF Arena, Full Sail, Orlando Weekly, Thornton Park, and Central Florida 13, to name a few, are using the social network to tell their stories in revealing and personal ways. What is Instagram? Instagram is […]

July 26, 2012

Packing Light? Hit the Road with a Smart Phone

When it comes to summer, George Gershwin said it best: “Summertime, and the livin’ is easy.” The lyrics bring to mind the long hot days of summer and the top-down, open road lifestyle of summer travel. Today’s definition of easy living has taken on a whole new meaning with more than half of Americans owning […]