Supporting LGBTQ+ Youth: A Refresh for Zebra Youth’s Website + Collateral for Advancing Meaningful Missions

Zebra Youth website homepage

How Is Appleton Supporting LGBTQ+ Youth?

Zebra Youth, formerly known as Zebra Coalition, provides resources and assistance to homeless and at-risk lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and all (LGBTQ+) youth. The nonprofit’s mission is to empower LGBTQ+ youth to thrive, which it has been doing successfully for over 12 years by providing affordable housing, mental health counseling, proactive support, community education, and more. Zebra Youth has touched the lives of a multitude of individuals in the Orlando area and has undergone exceptional growth since its inception. 

When the team at Zebra Youth recognized how large the influx of its audience was, they realized a need for updates to the organization’s website. The site’s visitors are composed of six primary groups: youth, parents, care providers, funders, community partners, and volunteers all of which have different needs from Zebra Youth. In hopes of streamlining the functionality of the website to make resources more easily accessible to each target audience, we joined forces with their team to give the site a refresh.

How Did We Help?

Here at Appleton, we understand that when a brand grows, its goals, needs, and missions advance with it. As the organization gained information, events, services, and team members aimed at differing groups, a need for the site to direct every individual to the appropriate resources arose. In order for visitors to find what they need from the site quickly and easily, our team designed a home page with links to separate pages geared to each audience group. While staying true to the brand’s identity, the page brings the visitor to exactly what they’re looking for upon arriving at the site.

Since the initial design of the site, the demographics of Zebra Youth’s audience have also changed. To make the site more accessible to a wider audience, a feature that translates the site to multiple other languages was implemented. We also made the website mobile responsive and added other content tailored to Generation Z, as the target audience is now primarily made up of youth from this age group.

Print with a Purpose

More recently, Zebra Youth came to Appleton with the desire to modernize its print collateral used to inform readers about the nonprofit’s mission and services. It was crucial for the new materials to be well-aligned and useful for the organization’s multiple audience groups mentioned earlier. In order to be accessible to Zebra Youth’s diverse market, info cards were printed in English and Spanish, and both assets are tailored to young audiences with engaging graphics and QR codes. Below, you can see how these visions came to fruition in the brochure and information card we created tailored to the brand’s style and values.

Zebra Youth brochure and information card

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