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Mastering the Art of Digital Media Buying

Dive into the digital space with Appleton, an expert media buying agency, using insights and vast digital skillsets to ensure every click counts.

Digital campaigns see up to 50% conversion growth with expert media planning
(Source: MarketingCharts)

Engagement increases by 80% with tailored social media buying strategies
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Our Approach to Your Digital Success

Data-Driven Media Buying and Planning

Engage with your audience effectively through our precision in media buying services, maximizing ROI across all digital channels. Navigate the digital landscape with pinpoint accuracy.

Creative that Captivates

Our campaigns are not just seen — they resonate, thanks to our compelling creative aligned with your brand identity. We deliver content that makes an impression, driving engagement and conversions.

Measurable Performance Gains

See tangible results with our commitment to continuous improvement through in-depth analytics and performance tracking.

Enhanced Ad Reach for Qualified Leads

Expand your influence with our expert media buying agency's approach, placing your ads in the right spots at the right times for maximum exposure.

We believe in creating secure digital marketing campaigns with data that tells the story of your users and increases sales.

Secure Campaign Management

We ensure your digital media campaigns are protected, meeting all compliance and privacy standards. Trust in our secure handling of your digital media buying campaigns, with continuous monitoring for peace of mind.

High-Speed Performance Analysis

We harness the power of real-time analytics to swiftly adapt and enhance your media strategies for peak performance.

Strategic Keyword Implementation

SUtilize our expertise in paid search (SEM) to position your campaigns for maximum visibility and effectiveness with strategic keyword deployment.

Robust 24/7 Campaign Monitoring

Our dedicated team provides continuous oversight, ensuring your campaigns are always optimized for the best possible results.

Featured Digital Marketing Client Partners:

We support clients ranging from local “mom-and-pop” type shops all the way up to Fortune 500 companies and everyone in between. Our specialty lies in getting to know your team’s unique needs and customizing a solution to fit.

Orlando Regional REALTOR® Association

OrlandoRealtors.com is powered by the Orlando Regional REALTOR® Association (ORRA), one of the largest trade associations in the state of Florida. The organization is comprised of REALTORS® involved in all aspects of buying and selling both commercial and residential real estate, property management, appraisal and sales.

ORRA came to Appleton with the goal of influencing and educating audiences on the values a REALTOR® bring, while also increasing brand awareness. After initial fact-finding and research, we recognized the need for multiple campaigns to target each of ORRA’s target audience segments. As strategists and creative experts, we created a widespread multimedia campaign across Central Florida that targeted each audience segment that would use clever concepts to convey ORRA’s message.

Campaign Impact:

104.4% increase in unique website users and a 106.1% increase in page sessions
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Seaside National Bank and Trust

At its core, Seaside is a financial services provider with a client-focused promise of personal service and conflict-free, transparent wealth management. It offers a rich collection of tools for commercial banking and insurance clients, while also providing personal banking and wealth management solutions.

Its sophisticated product suite rivals that of large, regional banks. However, Seaside is fundamentally different from most banks. Seaside’s core business strategy is not product-specific or promoting growth for growth’s sake. Every Client Advisor at Seaside approaches each new piece of business not just as a transaction, but as part of an ongoing relationship, beneficial to their clients and to Seaside.

For more than a decade, Appleton has partnered with Seaside on an abundance of marketing and advertising projects ranging from branding needs to custom website development, video production, event management, email marketing, cross-platform digital marketing campaigns and more. By focusing on the core needs of the Seaside team and their clients, we’ve been able to deliver results that surpass expectations on project after project.

Campaign Impact:

Increased website users by 144.84% YoY
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a.i. solutions

Founded in 1996, a.i. solutions is a provider of innovative mission-critical products and services that enable uninterrupted and reliable access to space. a.i. solutions’ services and products span space mission engineering, missile defense systems assurance, launch vehicle services, and the FreeFlyer® astrodynamics software. With over 300 successful missions, the company has provided solutions for both civil and defense space agencies, as well as the ever-expanding commercial space industry.

2022 marked an exciting year for a.i. solutions as it celebrated 25 Years of serving American defense and civilian space agencies and the commercial space market. By providing proven mission engineering services and products to its customers and enabling uninterrupted and reliable access to space, the brand established iconic routes within its industry. As it looked to the next chapter, a.i. solutions knew it needed a full rebrand, and it turned to Appleton as its partner to create a comprehensive brand look incorporating an illustrative approach. The new brand identity package entailed the creation of a full-scale website solution, a new graphic package for cross-project use, a new company overview video, and other components to represent the new image.

Campaign Impact:

Exceeded conversion goal for qualified website leads by 253%
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