Stand out from the Competition with Prezi

Are you looking for an alternative to the standard Microsoft PowerPoint slide scheme that everyone has seen hundreds of times? Do you want to deliver presentations that “wow” your audience and keep them engaged longer? Well you’re in for a treat, because Appleton’s secret to great presentations is a tool that’s unlike no other – Prezi.

Whether you’re pitching a client, speaking at an event, or educating new employees, you need to stand out and be memorable. That’s where Prezi comes in. The new cloud-based application software allows you create non-linear presentations using a single zoom-able canvas. Think, in comparison, to a whiteboard. With Prezi you’re able to tell a story through tracing a path from one idea to another, as opposed to the conventional slide-by-slide format. What’s the end result? – An engaging and intuitive presentation that leads your audience down a path of discovery.

At Appleton, our designers are experts at creating compelling Prezi presentation animations. Most recently, we have used Prezi for our Lunch & Learn educational series on 2013 Marketing Strategies and Trends. To view our latest presentation, watch the video below.

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