Shopping for Gifts That Don’t Belong in the Garbage

2014 Guide to buying best present ever

Searching for the perfect holiday gift for your clients, coworkers, family or friends? We’ve got your back. Check out our suggestions for this year’s holiday season:

For the hopelessly hipster:

  • If you can’t think of what to get for your friend or acquaintance, now you don’t have to. Leave it to Firebox to provide a Mystery Box. Just select which category you’d like the gifts to fit into, such as food or gadgets, and Firebox will take it from there. After all, where’s the fun without a little risk?
  • Add a little twist to the ultimate drinking glass this year by personalizing a set of mason jars. JC Penney offers engraving on the old-fashioned drinking jars, crafted from hand-blown glass and shaped to perfection.

For the ones with little ones: 

  • Are you running out of creative bedtime story ideas? Smart PJ’s, the world’s first and only interactive pajamas, make nighttime parenting easy with bedtime stories linked to QR codes programmed into the pajamas. Just choose which pattern to scan for your little one to have the sweetest storytime.
  • You’ll never miss a moment with One Day, a new online service designed to document all of your favorite memories. Just upload your photos and videos for One Day to organize and you’ll receive a timeline for you to reference for years to come. There is even the option to share the compilation in real-time with friends or family members that aren’t there to witness a fun event. 

For our old school comrades:

  • Did the latest upgrade in technology get you down? Return to another decade with this retro iPhone case. You can bulk up your phone with the look of an 80’s handset, all while keeping your handheld.
  • Help a friend spice up their coffee table this holiday season. Reminisce on the good ole days without high-speed technology with these floppy disk coasters, as seen on CBS’s Two and a Half Men.

For the four-legged lovers:

  • The latest Underwater Puppies calendar is on the market and these swimming pups are sure to have you laughing on all fours. These hilarious canines will brighten up anyone’s day as they swim and dive for tennis balls.
  • Don’t let your friend throw their holiday extravaganza without gifting this adorable flower arrangement for the centerpiece. These beautiful blossoms are hand-crafted into the shape of a dog. Now your puppy can smell like flowers, too.

For the jokesters: 

  • Have a little fun this holiday season with a creative t-shirt that is sure to entertain your friends. This double-sided Ask Me About My T-Rex tee has a picture of a T-Rex on the inside of the shirt. Just flip your shirt up over your head and you’ll instantly morph into a not-so-scary dinosaur.
  • If poor grammar gets you heated, check out this compilation of horrendous spelling and grammar mistakes. Have a laugh with your friends who enjoy writing and editing as much as you do with the book, I Judge You When You Use Poor Grammar.

For the perpetually hungry:         

  • Face it, everyone wants a surprise package full of food, now’s your chance to give it. Graze is a snack delivery service with over 90 snacks to choose from. All you have to do is choose four treats to include in the package and send it on its way. Trust us, your friends won’t know how to repay you.
  • If you’re looking to stick to the classics, Harry and David peppermint bark is the perfect way to go. This traditional treat will have you snacking all season long and put you in the holiday spirit.

For the coworkers who need to lighten up:

  • Give your coworker a leg up with these fun and fancy socks. With hundreds of designs to choose from, there’s guaranteed to be something for everyone.
  • Tie the knot on your friendship by gifting a funky tie to your coworker. Choose from neckties, skinny ties, bowties and more to find the perfect addition to their wardrobe.

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