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A strategic plan is a comprehensive guide that explores, evaluates and covers every aspect of your advertising program, from goals to measurement. It’s the first phase after a discovery meeting, involves developing an expert insight into your brand and builds a creative strategy that fits your values and attributes. Strong brands and campaigns are successful because they started with a foundation of research and strategy. The best way to grow your bottom line is to set goals and adhere to them with a calculated course of action. Only 8% of marketers believe their brand management strategy is effective. Set yourself apart from the other 92% and grow your business with a strategic plan.

Services Include:

  • Research + Development (R+D)
  • Assessed Growth Plans
  • Customer Experience Strategy
  • Marketing + Campaign Plans
  • Campaign Development
  • Brand Launch Strategy
  • Analysis + Reporting

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Our Areas of Expertise Include:

Research + Development (R+D)

Research is easily one of the most important steps in developing, branding or launching new products, services or companies. Organizations that engage in frequent R+D have observed 30% faster growth and a 20% rise in profitability. Since R+D is an invaluable step that provides a wealth of knowledge about your target audience and opens new channels needed to contact them, our time and effort is dedicated to collecting accurate data for your business. Our comprehensive research efforts include competitor analyses, stakeholder surveys, brand and asset audits, which will then guide us to determining the best strategy for your business.

Assessed Growth Plans

Every business is looking to grow. For small businesses, the first step is creating a plan for business growth. Your growth strategy includes information on consumer education, an internal plan for dealing with growth and positioning within the market. The tactics outlined in your marketing plan will help you grow exponentially and calculate your ROI (return on investment). With our assessed growth plans, we can help your business get to where it needs to be and beyond.

Customer Experience Strategy

Customer Experience refers to the interactions customers have with your business, both before and after making a purchase. The goal of customer experience strategy is to deliver a positive, purposeful and relevant experience during all of these interactions. Our mission is to analyze your competitors, utilize consumer data and incorporate your brand messaging and values to develop a customer experience strategy that will show your company cares about your audience’s involvement with your brand.

Marketing + Campaign Plans

A strong and well-developed marketing plan allows your business to stay on track with your goals, and a defined marketing strategy allows you to keep efforts aligned with your company’s core objectives. It gives you the ability to make confident decisions while exploring new opportunities for growing your business. Part of your company’s marketing plan may include a full-scale campaign. We develop impactful marketing and campaign plans, so your business can have a strong foundation before beginning its trek to success.

Campaign Development

Campaign development requires research, brand strategy and marketing expertise in order to develop a powerful message. In addition, when it comes to developing full-scale, multimedia campaigns, determining the appropriate media channels to deliver your message is equally as important as the message itself. At Appleton, we handle all aspects of campaign development from research, strategy and media recommendations to conceptualization, creation and implementation.

Brand Launch Strategy

The best brand launches are planned well in advance. With so many moving pieces to your brand, it’s important to plan out the best strategy for launching it to your internal and external stakeholders. From developing your brand story and creating marketing materials to unveiling the new brand during an event, we cover it all to ensure your brand launch makes waves among your audience.

Analysis + Reporting

Marketers often forget one of the most important aspects of launching and implementing initiatives of any size: analyzing their success. From TV commercials and radio spots to digital marketing campaigns, it’s important to observe the reach and effectiveness of your marketing efforts, so you know what worked and what you can improve upon. No matter the medium, if the projects are set up for success, you should be able to track whether your audience was reached effectively or took action.