Environmental Branding

Does your office or trade show display exude the values, character and personality you want it to? Is it inviting and designed to attract the right people? Environment and team spirit rank among the top five most important factors that affect customer experience and work performance. Only 59% of workplaces utilize brand aesthetics and a mere 50% design their space with brand consistency and productivity in mind. In 1/10 of a second, the impression of your brand is formed. 

Enliven your office space and encourage your employees to introduce visitors, clients and prospects with an environmental design that matches your brand’s unique culture and image. By designing a three-dimensional space that reflects your brand positioning and identity, your environment allows your team to live your brand.

Services Include:

  • Office and Feature Space Design
  • Art Installations
  • Store Displays



Office and Feature Space Design

To us, having a great office design means a space that boosts productivity and allows for work to be completed with greater satisfaction. When employees are visually encouraged to do their best work and enjoy the brand, your business feels the positive impact. It also shows prospects and customers the personality and identity behind your brand in a three-dimensional way. Great space design should reflect the color palette, feel and culture of your brand for a cohesive identity, one where employees are advocates and visitors are inspired.

Art Installations

Inspire creativity among your office guests and employees by developing unique art installments in your workspace. We can help you choose the type of art you want in your office space, which may include subliminal art (what you choose to hang on the walls) or explicit art (such as structures or kinetic art). As long as your art unlocks potential, defines or emphasizes the desired ambiance and increases employee satisfaction, we can help create a one-of-a-kind space.

Store Displays

There is strategy and consumer research that is completed when developing effective retail display advertising and point of purchase (POP) displays. When executed correctly, product displays catch more consumers’ attention, leading to a 46.5% increase in sales. With experience and understanding in developing notable store displays, our services can help your business grow in profits.