Creative Design Services by Appleton Creative

Having effective conceptual creative and design means executing innovative ideas that align with your brand and resonate with your audience. Whether your brand wants to make its mark in the traditional marketing world or leave an impact in the growing online space, our team of experts is well-versed in writing, creating and designing for all types of mediums. Meaningful, purposeful creative gives your business a strong brand identity that outshines and outlasts your competitors. No matter the medium, we start with research and strategy and blend in our unique, innovative ideas and expertise to bring your business the creative that will make it stand out.

Services Include:

  • Conceptual Creative + Themed Campaigns
  • Identity + Logo Development
  • Copywriting
  • Print advertising
  • Print Collateral
  • Photography
  • Presentations
  • Trade Show Displays
  • Environmental Branding


Our Areas of Expertise Include:

Conceptual Creative + Themed Campaigns

A campaign is a series of advertising messages executed across a variety of platforms and is meant to create extra emphasis for a product, service or company using a consistent specific theme or idea over a specified period of time. The ideas for these campaigns are conceptualized by highly creative individuals with the background and knowledge to turn high level ideas into tangible reality. We conceptualize, develop and implement themed campaigns that help your brand strategically accomplish a planned company goal.

Identity + Logo Development

Proper and consistent branding is essential to a thriving company and brand recognition. Your brand name, logo and messaging are the chief components of your company’s brand identity. Successful brand development improves recognition, creates trust, builds financial value and generates new customers. To keep everyone in your company and even those outside your company on brand, we recommend comprehensive brand language systems and guides to lay the foundation for company brand usage. These guidelines outline how to appropriately use the logo, web and print design standards and may cover grammar, tone and company messaging. As brand stewards and experts, we create thoughtful brands from start to finish and we craft well-developed brand guides that will set your brand and business up for success in all of its communications.


Copy is your company’s best salesperson, and copywriting is the art of crafting strong, strategic messages. Whether it’s creating a short, notable tagline or impactful, in-depth reports, we develop effective copy to inform, persuade and inspire action on websites, print and digital ads, promotional materials and more.

Print Advertising

With print being the most trustworthy marketing tool according to 56% of customers, print gives your business the chance to establish a stronger brand identity when consumers are able to hold your brand in their hands and keep it. The pieces in your advertising arsenal should reinforce your brand’s integrity and the pillars of your messaging. It should evoke emotion and solve problems. At Appleton, we create high-quality, effective and impactful print advertisements.

Print Collateral

Print collateral refers to the tangible branded pieces of a company. This can include stationery, brochures, presentation materials, folders, direct mail pieces and annual reports. If your first point of contact is in-person, make sure your first impression is a positive, lasting one. We create reputable print collateral that is intended to aid sales and help depict your company in a clean and concise way.


Photography is an art form. From shooting events, products and headshots to interior and exterior photography, experienced photographers are versatile and trained in lighting, angles, art direction and more. They know how to strategically and creatively capture the content needed whether it’s for social media, websites, email marketing or print materials. They utilize their surroundings and their extensive equipment to obtain the most beautiful and effective images for each medium. Our photographers are experts in their craft, providing the background and training needed to make your vision come to life through compelling photography.


Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text, which exemplify how important strong visuals are for company presentations. We create powerful and memorable digital and print presentations that stay on-brand and attract new and current prospects.

Trade Show Displays

Gearing up for a trade show? Appleton can help. With consumers making decisions and forming impressions in less than 10 seconds, your trade show booth design and trade show banners need to be striking and clear. Give your team the opportunity to engage in face-to-face interaction by placing inviting and informative signage around your space.

Environmental Branding

Environmental branding is key for any company that cares about the representations of physical spaces for employees, clients and customers. When employees are visually encouraged to do their best work and enjoy the brand, your business feels the positive impact. It also shows prospects and customers the personality and identity behind your brand in a three-dimensional way. Unique art installments are also a great way to inspire creativity among office guests and employees. Environmental art may include subliminal art (what you choose to hang on the walls) or explicit art (such as structures or kinetic art). In addition, strategically designed retail display advertising, or product displays, lead to a 46.5% increase in sales. No matter the location or purpose, great space design should reflect the color palette, feel and culture of your brand for a cohesive identity, one where employees are advocates and visitors are inspired.