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At Appleton Creative, we know how to showcase your business and make your products and services shine. Whether web, social, video or print, we select just the right media mix and craft your message with clarity and simplicity.

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Strategic Planning

A strong brand without a plan to guide and build it will not be nearly as prosperous as it could be. The best way to grow your bottom line is to have set goals and adhere to a calculated course of action. Only 7% of marketers feel they have effective local marketing campaigns. Help your business grow with a strategic plan that differentiates you and your business from the other 93%.

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Branding & Messaging

Good branding means having a strong, unified visual, verbal and cultural presence. Consistency and frequency are key to successful marketing. Comprehensive brand guides start with the basics and standardize your company’s look and communications, both internally and externally. Effective branding across all mediums can strengthen relationships, contribute to client longevity and reinforce expertise. Online content creation provides 434% more indexed pages, visuals get 94% more views than text, and consumers recognize familiar ads in a fraction of a second.

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Websites & SEO

Company websites help define your brand to the 97% of consumers who search for local businesses online. The Internet is an open-share, mobile-first environment where mobile searches account for half of online searches and the consumer expectation is that information is both easily accessible and available in creative ways. With an average close rate of 14.6% for search engine optimization (SEO) leads, targeting customers in the right places establishes higher quality leads and more of them.

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Digital Marketing

Websites are only part of the digital landscape. Continue to entice your consumers with valuable and shareable content. Brands that create 15 blog posts per month average 1,200 new leads in the same period, and 78% of small businesses attract new customers through social media. Eblasts alone inspire customers to spend 82% more and social advertising spending continues to increase and could grow to $15 billion by 2018. Your company deserves blog articles with custom content, compelling and persuasive online ads and high-performing campaigns.

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Video & Film

Visual storytelling is one of the most influential ways to reach your audience. Consumers are 64% to 85% more likely to convert after watching a product or service video, will stay on your site an average of 2 minutes longer and can even increase your offline sales. Speak to them in the most effective way – through their emotions with high definition, high energy and high quality video and editing.

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Traditional Marketing

While technology is the future, print is not the past. You establish a stronger brand identity when consumers are able to hold your brand in their hands and keep it. Print is the most trustworthy marketing according to 56% of customers. The pieces in your advertising arsenal should reinforce your brand’s integrity and the pillars of your messaging. It should evoke emotion and solve problems. Above all else, it should be high quality, cost-effective and impactful.

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Public Relations

Audiences need to be engaged, informed and persuaded. Products, events and company achievements deserve to be celebrated and publicized. Public relations is a strategic tool in communicating with consumers and identifying and creating mutually beneficial relationships. More than half of senior level marketers believe public relations is the most effective marketing discipline for launching a new product or service, building awareness, generating word of mouth and building brand reputation. A public relations plan can help your business achieve goals with targeted and trackable efforts.

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Media Buying

Consumers interact with dozens of different mediums every day on every platform available, new or old. Your message can be there too. Media buying means leveraging relationships with the media to place your content in front of your target demographic for the best possible price. A multi-media and multi-market advertising campaign relies on a strategically crafted media plan to detail the best strategies and course of action to reach your goals. Careful consideration goes into crafting a customized strategy and is followed up by constant monitoring, optimization and analytics.

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Environmental Branding

Environment and team spirit rank among the top 5 most important factors that affect customer experience and work performance. Only 59% of workplaces utilize brand aesthetics and a mere 50% design their space with brand consistency and productivity in mind. In 1/10 of a second, your impression of your brand is formed. Does your office or tradeshow display exude the values, character and personality you want it to? Is it inviting and designed to attract the right people?

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