Video & Film

Speak to your audience in the most captivating way possible with the use visual storytelling, videography and motion graphics. Consumers are 64-85% more likely to convert after watching a product or service video than they are by reading information alone. Make your company stand out from the crowd and keep viewers engaged for longer periods of time while increasing your sales.



Television remains the dominant medium in most U.S. households and has one of the highest reaches of any mass media format. When created with a highly skilled video production company, T.V. commercials are an effective way to showcase your company, product, service or special event.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are digital footage and animations comprised of pictures, words, sound and video. This design technique energizes what would have been static text and is a supplementary to its more traditional, static counterpart, infographics. However, motion graphics utilize video and incorporate a variety of different elements such as kinetic typography.

Corporate Videos

Company videos can range from a corporate training video or a walk through the company’s history to a product demonstration or sales tool for field use. In any case, corporate videos are an easy way to educate staff in corporate headquarters and satellite offices alike, as well as showcase product offerings in an interactive format. A variety of video production techniques can be implemented into the video to keep your audience’s attention and lend credibility to your business.

Human Resource Videos

Human resource videos are an important piece to keeping your employees informed. HR videos enforce your brand and provide a system for dealing with scenarios in and around the company. They allow standards to be set and disseminated equally within your company. They remove the barrier of communicating the same information consistently to various departments, locations and levels.

Fundraising Videos

Nothing is as quick to draw in donors or participants as heartfelt appeals, best communicated through video. These videos are useful when putting on a fundraiser, for promotional use to drum up interest beforehand or as an event recap. Fundraising videos are effective in captivating new supporters and solidifying an existing donor base.

Website Videos

Website videos have become a major part of the online experience and are a necessary component for reaching your audience. When both video and text are available, 59% of senior executives choose to watch the video. Short videos displayed on your company’s website, whether created for web use originally or trimmed down from existing content, are invaluable for establishing credibility as an expert in your field.

Video Streaming/Hosting

Putting videos on your website is proven to help, but it can have negative repercussions if the load time is slow. When users stream content, they expect it to be as fast-paced as the world around us and are unlikely to stay on your site long enough for a video to buffer. Professional video hosting removes that worry, allowing customers to easily stream your content. A proper video host will keep your content secure and has additional SEO benefits.

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