Public Relations

Establishing a strategic public relations strategy lays the groundwork for successful decisions and a positive relationship with the public. To get people talking about your name and products or services, a strategic public relations plan will support your goals.

Our areas of expertise include:

Public Relations Plans

If you have goals for your company but no clear course of action for achieving them, a PR plan can help. From 6-month plans devised to meet short-term objectives to 3-year plans aimed at shifting deep-rooted perceptions, a PR campaign can be created for any length of time and with specific objectives in mind.

Brand & Product Launches

You put a lot of time and energy into creating a new brand or product. Make sure its launch is equally as well thought out. Your brand launch strategy can, and in many cases should, be a long-term plan. So too should your product launch formula, which comes from an understanding of your company, the product and your goals.

Media Advisories

A media advisory is a one-sheeter for the press, alerting them of a big announcement, event or opportunity they won’t want to miss. It is a tactic best used prior to the newsworthy moment and includes the most important information regarding the event and nothing else. Your business can strategically use advisories to target specific publications or spread news to multiple sources leading up to an event.

Press Releases/News Releases

Written with similar content to a media advisory but with more details and expanded information, press releases serve as announcements of breaking news. News releases are written more like news stories and are ready to be published as-is. They can paint a picture for a larger article or serve as a supplementary source for information for reporters and media personnel.


Events create one of the greatest opportunities for businesses: the chance to form relationships with consumers in person. Leading up to an event, your company should be engaging in event marketing, printing and distributing marketing collateral and procuring promotional items and giveaways. The connections built through event interaction contribute to brand loyalty and stimulate user-generated content, which has a positive impact on SEO and public perception. The tangible items that attendees take home create additional touch points for people to interact with your brand after the event.

Reputation Management

Your reputation is critical to your business. A good standing with the public can keep your business alive. Managing your reputation allows your company to keep its ears open to the public. This means actively listening and adapting to feedback and responding to engaged consumers. Listening is learning about your business from another perspective. It can give you ideas for new products or services or inspiration on how to better your business.

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