Say Cheese: GCIA Takes Over the Dairy State

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The big cheese of culinary, a.k.a. the Global Culinary Innovators Association (GCIA), recently took a trip to Wisconsin. Since Wisconsin is responsible for the highest volume of cheese production in America, GCIA was eager to give its members a firsthand look at what goes into the rigorous operation. The members visited multiple dairy farms and had an exclusive look at how workers carefully create a wide variety of cheeses. As experts in food video marketing, we created a video of their experience to exhibit the different dairy farms they visited, as well as the intricacies of the cheese-making process.

GCIA members gained insight on how some of the top cheese companies in Wisconsin create their products. Members enjoyed learning about the history of the different companies and sampling their freshly made products. Some of the locations they visited included Klondike Cheese Company, BelGioioso Cheese, Inc., Emmi Roth USA, Inc. and Pine Breeze Dairy. Although each location is unique, they all share a similar goal of striving to create the best cheese possible.

As always, our video team savored the collaboration with GCIA. Our video team learned an abundance about cheese-making during the editing process. Our editors enjoyed piecing together this informational video to educate others about everything that goes into cheese-making. We look forward to applying our food video marketing skills and experience during the upcoming GCIA Culinary Combine in Dallas, Texas.

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