Real Estate Videos That Will Make House Hunters Say “Home Sweet Home”

Real estate video marketing

Successful real estate agents know that opportunity knocks on every door, which is why they often explore innovative techniques to appeal to potential buyers. Nowadays, homebuyers are more likely to turn to the internet when searching for homes, instead of soliciting the help of agents. Don’t let this discourage you ­­­­­­— there’s one way you can make yourself more valuable. The National Association of Realtors discovered that a staggering 85% of buyers and sellers prefer to work with agents who use video; however, only 15% of agents actually utilize this technique. If you’re interested in real estate video marketing, use the following options and tips to have a significant impact on your listings’ success.

Types of Real Estate Videos


Community videos are extremely beneficial because they showcase the area that the house is located in. Location is such a significant influence when purchasing a home that 63% of buyers stated that quality of the prospective neighborhood actually was the most important factor when placing an offer. Displaying the local institutions and hot spots allows prospective buyers to gain some insight of the area, instead of scouting it out on their own. Since community videos are not top priority for most real estate companies, producing these will offer homebuyers a unique perspective that your competitors may lack.


Potential buyers enjoy watching well-made listing videos because they can experience the home for sale without even being present. Video tours are the most convenient way to display properties on the market, so it’s no wonder that 70% of homebuyers use these videos to influence their purchase. In addition to attracting more interested buyers, listing videos also generate more inquiries. recently revealed that these online tours can lead to 403% higher inquiries than listings without videos. As a result, utilizing these videos will help viewers form a deeper connection to the property and give them a better understanding of what the home is actually like.


As previously stated, people tend to search online for assistance before asking a professional for advice. Informational videos generate a lot of organic traffic because they are an efficient way for buyers and sellers to comprehend the buying and selling process. In fact, 54% of buyers and sellers search for videos to help them better understand the process. Uploading this content on YouTube is a sure way to develop interest. According to Think with Google, “how-to” video searches have skyrocketed to 70% year-over-year. Creating professional “how-to” videos will not only inform homebuyers, but they’ll also help establish trust in you as an agent.

There is a wide variety of real estate videos and each possess their own unique benefits. Real estate video marketing has the power to showcase communities, accurately portray homes and help potential buyers understand what their next step is. Choosing appropriate shots and high-quality equipment will improve your videos and give you a much-needed edge against your competitors. Enlisting the help of a marketing and video production company can greatly enhance your videos.

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