Pushing Send: Top 5 Ways to Improve Email Etiquette

Email is convenient and accessible, and serves as a primary form of communication in today’s tech-savvy workplace. Email should come with its own warning label, because sometimes, in an effort to deliver a prompt response, we overlook details that can reflect poorly on our businesses and ourselves.

To be certain you don’t commit a blunder, follow Appleton Creative’s simple guide to email etiquette.

1. Signatures: The most important thing to include in the signature is your contact information. By doing so, you are allowing yourself to be transparent and accessible to your recipients. Omit using a logo or photo as part of the signature.  Embedded images tend to show up as attachments in most operating systems and increase download time. The most frustrating thing is if someone needs to search your emails for one that actually has a relevant attachment.

2. Proofread: Auto-correct is beneficial, but should not be used as a crutch.  Always proofread your message and differentiate words such as their, they’re and there. Do pay attention to names and titles like Mr. or Mrs. and address your recipient as necessary.  Always stay professional with clients and associates.

3. Sending to Groups & Reply All: When sending to a group it is best to blind copy unless you want to open a discussion that includes everyone you are sending the email to. If this is overlooked, exercise caution when hitting the “Reply All” button. Think first, “Is my response relevant to the whole group?” If not, spare others the annoyance and send the message only to those who will benefit from it.

4. Privacy: Email is not secure and privacy is not guaranteed. Shy away from sharing intimate or inappropriate information. Remain professional just in case an employer is monitoring the recipient’s email or it gets shared with an unauthorized third party. Also, remember that all information requested from a web form should not be assumed to be secure – especially if requesting sensitive information such as credit card or social security numbers.

5. Subject Line: Your subject line may dictate how soon the email is open or even if the recipient will open your email. Make sure the subject line clearly states what the email content is about and the status if required. If you need a response, add in a call to action. If your email is to draw attention to a new topic, make sure your subject line has an attention grabbing title to pique the reader’s interest. It is more efficient to catch the reader’s attention and convert it to swift responses.

In addition to enhancing workplace efficiency, our Orlando-based advertising agency also strives to increase the profitability of your business. Appleton Creative can further your team’s communication efforts through our digital marketing strategies that include online newsletters and e-blasts.  Contact us at 407-246-0092 x7# or email info@appletoncreative.com to get started.

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