EarthLinked Technologies

EarthLinked Technologies, Inc.  is an international research and technology company creating innovative geothermal heating and cooling systems. EarthLinked enlisted Appleton to help educate the public on their strong product and superior services. As Agency of Record, the partnership includes building advertising and promotional materials for consumer and dealer growth. Traditional advertising campaigns, digital strategies and public relations efforts are being consistently developed and modified for the flourishing brand.

  • logos
  • tradeshow displays
  • dealer sales kit
  • brochures
  • folders
  • direct mail promotions
  • advertisements

  • website
  • landing pages
  • dealer portal
  • social media campaigns
  • e-blasts
  • videos

EarthLinked Technologies website on MacBook Pro

EarthLiked Technologies portfolio poster, simple sells

EarthLiked Technologies portfolio brochures

EarthLiked Technologies direct mailing with dog


EarthLiked Technologies Facebook page on iphone

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