Pin Up Your Social Media Marketing

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

This is what advertising agencies and graphic designers live for, bringing depth and meaning to a project or campaign. Visually stimulating a connection between the consumer and the product. Utilizing Pinterest can make this dream come true. It has been gaining tracking in the social media world, ranking third, just behind Facebook and Twitter, for social marketing purposes. Now, just like any other social media platform, you need to know the ins and outs on how to utilize Pinterest’s platform to optimize your marketing power by getting the most pins.

  1. The power of images- Pinterest is a social media platform based on images and pictures people post and pin on their boards. Since images dominate over words, it is in your best interest to pin quality images. The better the image the more enticed people (consumers) become, and the more likely your image will get re-pinned.
  2. Differentiate your boards- In Pinterest, user’s create boards to place their pins (images) on. The titles of your boards reflect the images that are pinned with in each different board.  Make your boards stand out with unique titles. Don’t fall into the trap of the basic titles like “Cool Stuff” and “Interesting Things.” Capture people’s curiosity. Make them want to see what’s on your board.
  3. Don’t limit sharing- stay away from watermarking your images. This makes your images as property of your organization, thus making it exclusive. The result is that people are less likely to re-pin it. Also, don’t use it as a selling piece (meaning don’t put a price in the caption). It’s more likely they will re-pin it if it doesn’t feel like they are selling it. Remember the site was created to share images and interesting things, not for advertisement, promotional, and marking reasons.

These 3 tips can easily help you increase your pin count. The more pins, the more people you are covering for your social marketing. Be sure to have fun with it and connect with people. Remember it is a social media website, and not a place to advertise and sell products and services.

For more helpful tips on increasing your pins read A Brief Guide to Pinterest Marketing by Emily Williams.

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