Phone Call vs Email: Which Side are You On?

Business man on the phone

In the business world, it may seem like email is the only way to communicate. Most businesses don’t take the time for in-person meetings and phone calls to their clients. This trend could be causing a serious communication lag and a negative impression on your business. See why making a phone call over sending an email could make all the difference in your business.

  1. Phone calls are fast.

Simply picking up the phone to ask a question, verify important information or set up a business meeting is much faster than email. Email can easily get cluttered and inundated with multiple requests from several different people, and they’ll often be skimmed over and forgotten within seconds. By making the connection via phone, you can be sure the person you’re contacting has been reached, make an agreement and move on to the next task.

  1. Phone calls are personal.

Phone calls are a great opportunity to find out personal details about your client while making small talk. Any anniversaries coming up you should know about? How about an important company event that would be great for advertising your business? Because email is so straightforward, you wouldn’t have been able to find out these important details had you not picked up the phone. Use this to your advantage because many others in the industry have lost sight of this benefit in the workplace.

  1. Ask questions and get answers.

Shooting off an email with questions you need answered can be great because everything is documented in the email and can be easily referenced. However, phone calls allow for feedback in the moment rather than waiting around for your answers. For instance, we call our clients to find out changes they would like made to a piece of collateral. After we get our answers from them, we can send a follow-up email to confirm the changes we heard over the phone. That way, there’s no confusion, everything is documented, and we got our answer in real time. This method saves time and money, and it speeds up the task at hand.

It’s important to remember the roots of good business. Some of these practices can get lost in today’s fast-paced communication systems. Take the time to make the phone call to your clients, partners, vendors or business associates. They will appreciate the call and will remember your impeccable communication for future business.

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