Personal URL Tips

  1. Based on our experience, PURLs work best for lead generation, not for directly selling something. We encourage you to test, however, because you might get different results based on your product or service.
  2. Instead of using an existing domain for a PURL, register a brand new one. This enables you to get very creative and brand your campaign. Simply use Go Daddy’s bulk registration tool to type whatever domain ideas come to mind and then see which ones are available.
  3. Make sure you optimize the response form on your PURL landing page. Only ask the questions that are 100% necessary. If there’s information you can get from them after they respond, then don’t include these questions on the form. The path from visiting the landing page to clicking the “submit” button should be as easy as possible.
  4. Your PURL landing page should be very relevant with swapping out copy and images. If your PURL vendor can do it, customize the thank you page and thank you email as well. Doing so keeps the relevancy momentum going from start to finish which makes the campaign more effective.
  5. Regarding your PURL landing page, aim for relevant, clean and simple. And don’t include distractions like external links unless you absolutely have to, and if you do, make them open up in a new window.
  6. A PURL gives you valuable data: who visited the PURL and responded, who visited and didn’t respond and who didn’t visit at all. Make sure you’re using this information to the fullest by personalizing your follow up to these different segments.
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