Pasadena’s Caring Personality

Comfort may not always be associated with mental health treatment, but when it is, it’s because of the serene atmosphere brought on by Pasadena Villa, leaders and innovators in psychiatric and psychotherapy health industry. That’s why Appleton Creative is excited to unveil Pasadena Villa’s newly redesigned website. Our talented team perfectly fused the tranquility and care of Pasadena Villa into an accessible online experience.

Pasadena Villa wanted a website that reflects the company’s caring and comforting personality where the individual comes first. As a result, the new responsive website gives individuals a clear reflection of the services that Pasadena Villa offers at the touch of their fingertips. With a responsive website, visitors have access to Pasadena’s site on any mobile device.

The website provides Pasadena with easy content management capabilities allowing Pasadena to create an attractive website with scenic views of Pasadena’s beautiful facilities. Pasadena is able to easily update and upload their own imagery and content throughout the site to better interact with their clients. Behind the scenes, the CMS ensures every page looks great regardless if it’s viewed on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

Pasadena Villa is preserving the individual dignity of their residents, recognizing and responding to individual needs, and celebrating the many daily victories in their lives. Pasadena recognized the importance of connecting with the individual by making their website informative as well as interactive. The combination of user-friendly tabs and informative videos throughout the website make this dream possible.

pasadena villa responsive website

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