Packing Light? Hit the Road with a Smart Phone

When it comes to summer, George Gershwin said it best: “Summertime, and the livin’ is easy.” The lyrics bring to mind the long hot days of summer and the top-down, open road lifestyle of summer travel. Today’s definition of easy living has taken on a whole new meaning with more than half of Americans owning a smart phone. On the road, three out of every four travelers use their mobile devices as a source of information and entertainment because it’s easier than ever to document and share your business and personal travel experiences.

Top Apps for Travel

For companies, sharing your traveling experiences helps reinforce your brand and company lifestyles for your social networks. Appleton Creative has compiled a list of great apps to engage your business and showcase your experiences socially:

  • Instagram: This free popular photo share app allows you to choose from several filters and add a little vintage flair to your summer photos. It’s quick and effortless, and increasingly popular as a business promotion tool.
  • Foursquare: Whether you’re en-route to your next destination or you’ve just arrived in paradise, this app lets you “check in” with your followers from wherever your travels to you.
  • Twitter/Facebook: Share your travel experiences, comments, and reviews with your followers. Ask for feedback, and engage in dialogue with your fans.
  • Photosynth: No need to carry extra lenses or special equipment to take panoramic pictures, this app does it for you. It takes your photos, stitches them, and generates panoramic images for you to share on your social networks.

Check out these other great travel apps devised to provide up-to-date information in a matter of seconds: Urbanspoon, Kayak, TripIT, Gas Buddy, and HotelTonight.

Put Your Business on the Map

Don’t delay in getting your own business app and mobile site. Let Appleton Creative help you stay connected with a strategically designed mobile website and app to help you attract both the vacationers and the working Joes. Contact us at 407-246-0092 x7# or e-mail Amy at to learn more about how we develop and program award-winning work.

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