Outstream Video Ads Are Rapidly Becoming Mainstream

benefits of outstream video ads

It’s no secret that video has been dominating the advertising game in recent years, so much so, that video satisfaction has the ability to skyrocket purchase intent by 97%. This success has driven more advertisers to incorporate video into their marketing campaigns. If your business is interested in a progressive, up-and-coming format that offers more flexibility than typical video ads, then look no further than outstream video ads. 

What is an Outstream Video Ad?

An outstream video ad is a unit that can be utilized by any publisher. To give you an idea of what this looks like, Teads, a video advertising marketplace, posted an example of an outstream video at the bottom of its webpage. The benefits of outstream video ads are that they are more adaptable for advertisers, and they refrain from interrupting viewers’ online experiences. Unlike other roll formats that are required to play at the beginning, middle or end of videos, outstream ads can stand alone, even in articles. Another practical element of outstream video ads is that they automatically play when a viewer scrolls to the video, and pause when it’s scrolled out of view, essentially causing less distractions for consumers. These advantages have sparked outstream video ads’ popularity, with 77% of agencies expecting outstream video ads to become essential to their clients’ future ad portfolios. It’s also evident that users prefer to watch ads presented in the outstream format because research has revealed that outstream has a 25% higher viewing span than instream.

How Can Outstream Video Ads Benefit Your Company?

Sell More Ad Space

Outstream ads can stand alone, and they don’t demand publishers to include a video in order to be seen. Previously, options to place video advertisements were limited to pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll ads. Because of this innovative format, publishers can now sell unobtrusive ad space for videos anywhere. This flexibility is ideal for both publishers and advertisers because publishers can embed them virtually anywhere, and advertisers receive more exposure.

More Effective Than Instream

One of the many benefits of outstream video ads is that they are arguably less intrusive than instream video ads. This format doesn’t block viewers from enjoying content since they can choose if and when they want to watch the ad. The disruption that specific types of ads may cause should not be underestimated. HubSpot and Adblock Plus recently partnered together to create a research study which revealed that 84% of participants had a poor opinion of brands that created intrusive ads. Advertisers may be concerned that offering consumers the option to watch their ad will be counterproductive, but outstream exceeds instream in engagement categories such as brand awareness, brand favorability and targeting key consumers.

As indicated, there are tremendous benefits of outstream video ads. Unfortunately, since this format is still relatively new, advertisers may be hesitant from initiating outstream ads because they don’t fully understand the possibilities. The most efficient way to take advantage of these perks is by collaborating with a video production agency that also specializes in digital marketing. Experienced digital and video marketers know the ins and outs of outstream video ads, and will ensure your company will get the most out of digital video marketing.

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