Our H2OUC Video is Making a Splash

video production for OUC

Central Florida’s reliable electric and water provider, Orlando Utilities Commission was enthusiastic to share the extensive measures it takes to create its great-tasting water, or as they like to call it, H2OUC. OUC requested our video production company to shoot and edit an informative video that captures the great care involved in preparing the water, as well as the company’s dedication to educating customers about water conservation. Our video team went behind the scenes to reveal exactly how the company produces its H2OUC.

The video describes the water cycle and how OUC extracts water from the lower Floridan aquifer, which is eventually pumped to one of OUC’s treatment plants. Once it arrives, its ozone generator eliminates the sulfuric smell and unpleasant taste from the water so it’s ready to head up to the lab. Before traveling to customers’ homes, the water endures meticulous tests to ensure it’s of the highest quality. The video wraps up OUC’s message by encouraging customers to engage in water conservation and further explains how residents can reduce water use.

Appleton’s video production company was thrilled to have a firsthand look at how H2OUC is produced and how OUC employees monitor the water before distribution. Our team immensely enjoyed soaking up all the information about the facilities and applying that knowledge during post-production. The entire process was a blast and we can’t wait to collaborate with OUC again in the future.

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