OUC’s Commitment to The City Beautiful Told through Video

Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC) is highly committed to contributing to the growth and development of The City Beautiful. From educational programs to sustainability initiatives, OUC gives back to Orlando in an array of ways. As one of OUC’s agency partners, we have the honor of creating assets that demonstrate the public utility provider’s dedication to the community. Most recently Appleton created a video to highlight OUC’s involvement with the Youth Energy Academy.

How OUC Empowers the Emerging Workforce

Through hosting the Youth Energy Academy, OUC gives students in Central Florida the chance to explore careers in STEM that align with their potential. The American Association of Blacks in Energy (AABE) created the Youth Energy Academy to educate minority students in Florida about work opportunities in the energy industry. For 12 years, OUC has been supporting this mission by teaching youth who may not gain exposure to career paths in utility fields about its responsibilities, procedures, machinery and more. OUC gives students a safety overview, takes them on a tour of the flagship powerplant, shows the Pre-Apprenticeship Training Program, demonstrates the water treatment process, and offers more activities and information surrounding the organization’s work. Getting a look into a day in the life at OUC teaches participants about the range of careers they could have in the future. Overall, OUC’s hosting of the Youth Energy Academy is invaluable for teaching young minds about the value of STEM education and igniting excitement in students about their futures.

Our team is continuously inspired by the work OUC does for Central Florida. With all of this in mind, Appleton was determined to create a video that fully showcases the pure dedication OUC has for furthering the education of our youth. During the video shoot, we witnessed the real-world benefits of the organization’s efforts through speaking with participants of the Youth Energy Academy program. Students shared the program made them aware of new career options and ignited interest in working at OUC in jobs they had never previously considered. Not only did we get the chance to see how the program impacts its participants, but we also heard how passionate OUC staff is about educating youth. Everyone at OUC was devoted to teaching the program participants as much as possible and expressed genuine excitement about the new generation entering STEM and utilities fields.

Creating Impactful Assets for ‘The Reliable One’

Throughout our partnership with OUC, we have created many videos to highlight important announcements, its services, internal campaigns, community initiatives and more. Considering video contributes to increasing user understanding of a brand’s product or service, it was deemed the ideal content format to educate the community about OUC’s work with the Youth Energy Academy. The commission’s impact and devotion are exactly what our team aimed for the video to emphasize.

Appleton’s unique, thorough approach to video production facilitated the discovery of OUC’s goals and important details concerning its partnership with the Youth Energy Academy. The video shoot provided an even deeper look into the commission’s true impact on our community, which was extended through the story told through editing, special effects, and final touches in post-production. This ultimately resulted in a captivating video that provides a behind-the-scenes look at how one of the most relied-upon organizations in Orlando helps shape the futures of young individuals in the community.

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