Orlando’s Most Creative Halloween Costume Contest

Happy Halloween! Here at Appleton we love any excuse to dress-up. Today we’re celebrating our fourth-annual Facebook costume contest. Cast your votes on your favorite costume on our Facebook page, and we’ll announce the winner on Monday.

We wish everyone happy haunting and hope you gobble ’til you wobble!

1. Erin Pearlman – Energizer Bunny

2. Dolly Sanborn – Tippi Hedren from “The Birds” 

3. Amy Lee – Let’s Get Physical

4. Amy Wise – International Sex Symbol Doug Wise

5. Sam LaSelva – Johnny Cash

6. Jennifer Graven – EasyMac

7. Mike Speltz – A Freakishly Tall Ghost

8. Eric Czerwonka – God’s Gift to Women

9. Diana LaRue – The Absence of Color

10. Matt Doolittle – International Man of Mystery, Archer

11. Jamie Kruger – Yip-Yip

12. Kim Foran – Sock Hop Sweetie

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