Orlando Ugly Christmas Sweater Showdown

Orlando Ugly Sweater Competition

City sidewalks, busy sidewalks, dressed in holiday style, in the air there is a feeling, of Christmas. Colleagues laughing, Wally crashing, spreading holiday cheer. 🎶

Nothing says Christmas like a really ugly sweater. Let us know which is your favorite by voting on our Facebook page.

    1. Lauren Eggert: I Ran out of Green Yarn
    2. Dolly Sanborn: Hand-me-down from Mom
    3. Theory Georgiou: Pug Butt
    4. Matt Rigg: Naughty List? More like Hottie List
    5. Doug Stewart: The Last Christmas Ornament
    6. Jennifer Graven: Santa Claws
    7. Mike Speltz: I Jingle All the Way!
    8. Kim Foran: Happy HOWLidays!
    9. Clara Winborn: Rex the Halls
    10. Eric Czerwonka: Merry Sithmas
    11. Kelly Byrne: A Meowy Christmas and a Yappy New Year
    12. Erik Larson: Sloth
    13. Lindsey Tamaddon: YASSSS Queen Santa
    14. Wally: The Goodest Boy

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