Orlando International Airport is Taking Off and Building for the Future

Building on the orlando experience GOAA

The Orlando International Airport (OIA) continues to make headway on its $1.8 billion South Terminal Complex project, a key part of the airport’s $3.1 billion Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). To educate stakeholders and the community about its significant progress and commitments to building for the future, OIA reached out to Appleton to design and produce a number of collateral pieces that showcase the remarkable architectural renderings, highlight financials, outline the phases of project developments and communicate community involvement and sustainability at the airport. In addition, OIA felt it was pertinent to show local small businesses what the South Terminal projects can contribute to them.

GOAA Annual Report

The multi-year Capital Improvement Plan was constructed to increase the capacity of OIA’s current terminal by more than 10 million passengers, expanding the volume to about 45 million airport travelers annually. In this year’s annual report, we designed a beautiful piece with detailed renderings, important budgeting reports and community achievements. An impressive aspect of the feature brochure is the fold-out insert, a segment that may be removed to stand as its own brochure, dedicated to the South Terminal Complex’s construction progress and goals. To complement this striking annual report and accommodate press kit and media information, we also designed a matching folder.

Orlando International Airport Floder

With specialized programs and certifications, the Small Business Development Department at OIA encourages and ensures the maximum inclusion of small, minority, women and locally owned businesses. In addition to displaying the airport’s plans and progress, OIA needed a way for its Small Business Development Department to show how Central Florida’s small businesses can be involved in the upcoming phases of the CIP projects. To portray their obligations, OIA’s Small Business Development Department can now deliver the informational and visually appealing branded collateral to Orlando’s small businesses and effectively demonstrate its commitments and programs.

orlando international airport small business development

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