10 Ways We’re Helping Nemours Save Lives

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When it comes to caring for children, Nemours Children’s Hospital is unparalleled. Beginning with the Nemours Foundation in 1936 and the Alfred I. DuPont Institute in 1940, Nemours has grown to be one of the largest integrated pediatric healthcare systems in the United States, helping millions of children and their families for close to 80 years. As such, it requires effective nonprofit marketing materials to communicate its core values and services to supporters.

Following the creed of its founder, Alfred I. DuPont, who believed “it is the duty of everyone in the world to do what is within his power to alleviate human suffering,” Nemours focuses its extensive resources and network on 10 healthcare priorities. To appeal to benefactors of the organization, we created 10 print priority sheets individually themed to each priority:

  1. Cardiac Center: provides qualified care to children who have debilitating heart conditions.
  2. Child Life Program: helps children adapt to hospital settings through play, education and more.
  3. Ear, Nose and Throat: devotes treatment to disorders affecting the ear, nose and throat.
  4. Fetal Care: offers specialized care to expectant mothers and their unborn children.
  5. Florida Prevention Initiative: fosters health education and wellbeing practices that children will carry into adulthood.
  6. Inpatient Rehabilitation: improves physical mobility and communication skills for children affected by injury or disease.
  7. Interventional Radiology: assists in performing surgical procedures for children with tumors or other vascular issues.
  8. Orthopedics: treats children with neuromuscular and musculoskeletal complications.
  9. Pediatric Residency: trains medical students to become competent and compassionate medical professionals.
  10. Telehealth: supplements face-to-face medical care with CareConnect — 24/7 live online doctor visits for children.

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This cohesive collateral package focuses on each of Nemours’ 10 priorities, which are also its greatest areas of need. To continue providing top-quality care, skilled professionals and enriching experiences for sick children, Nemours requires substantial support from generous donors. Every one of the priority pieces utilizes images with actual Nemours patients and practitioners to demonstrate the care and comfort Nemours provides with the help of donations. These nonprofit marketing materials employ impactful statistics and color-coded brochures which beautifully correspond to the Nemours brand to help viewers quickly understand the benefits.

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We’re honored to support Nemours in its mission to provide strong leadership, critical services and much-needed care to children across Florida and beyond. If you’d like to do the same, make a gift to Nemours today.

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