Muckracking Makes its Comeback

What if you could read tomorrow’s news today? In 2009, Muck Rack set out to answer that very question. The idea started when Brooklyn startup, Sawhorse Media, developed a list of the most credible social media content creators. Muck Rack verifies each journalist on social media sites who do the reporting for major media outlets and analyzes what they say in realtime, thus giving you a look at tomorrow’s news today.

Muck Rack started with 150 Twitter handles and now lists thousands of journalists from Twitter, Facebook, Quora, Tumblr, Google+, LinkedIn and other social media outlets used by the pros. Similar to Twitter, Muck Rack will show you what is trending, the top publications and top Tweets. Muck Rack also helps you track the reach of your Tweets. As experts in social marketing, Appleton Creative is on board!

Muck Rack is free for journalists and a paid service for businesses, which sign up for Muck Rack Pro. For more information on Muck Rack or to sign up for an account today, visit

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