More Marketing Bang for Your Buck: Three must-have digital strategies

Marketing professionals are expected to have the super-human ability to leverage every marketing outlet, all within a tight budget. Let’s face it, that’s a monumental task, especially when we look in the digital category and consider the ever-changing range of online marketing options. Which digital investments are most worthwhile?

Heidi Cohen with offers some great advice on three marketing must-haves when making budget decisions. Here are the three top marketing investments to consider:


A solid social media strategy can help integrate all platforms to ensure consistency. Using social media allows you to build upon your brand identity, receive feedback from your followers, and engage in conversation with your audience. The more you interact with your target market online, the higher the chances are that your content will be shared throughout different social media outlets, keeping the conversation going long after you’ve logged off.


Tell your audience something worthwhile with content marketing efforts. Drive traffic to your site with valuable content. Write articles that are not only relevant to your business and captivating for your audience but also of top quality. Break through clutter with regularly updated content, tags for search engine optimization, and compelling calls-to-action.


If your business isn’t readily available on-the go via mobile, how do you expect to stay ahead of the game? Investing in mobile is investing in the future of your business. Keep in mind the importance of a mobile website and the accessibility of a mobile app. Don’t hesitate on including this component in your next budget draft because by 2014, it’s projected that more people will be using their smartphone and mobile device for internet access than using their desktop or laptop.

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