Maximizing Online Presence with Digital Marketing Services

The Power of Digital Marketing

Just three decades ago, the first instances of digital marketing were introduced following the launch of the world wide web. At this point in the internet’s history the first clickable banner ad seemed groundbreaking, but it was only the start to an entirely new era of brand and product promotion. Now we experience digital marketing practically each instance we are online. Any time an influencer promotes a product, an organization posts about its services on social media, a sponsored result pops up with a Google search or a company sends out an e-blast, the practice evolves and becomes more widespread. In fact, over half of marketing is now carried out in the digital realm. The practice’s prevalence points to how impactful and necessary it is — especially as it continues to evolve.

With the amount of time consumers now spend online, it’s crucial for brands to understand what digital marketing entails and how powerful it can be. Simply put, digital marketing is the use of online mediums to communicate information about a brand, its products and services in a way that increases awareness and generates leads. Most distinctively, its digital nature allows for targeting desired groups based on demographics and psychographics and enables highly accurate measuring of defined KPIs. Both of these factors contribute to what makes digital marketing so influential, ubiquitous, and demonstrably well-performing.

To put this into perspective, consider the real-world benefits of digital marketing. 86% of marketers saw increased brand awareness and 75% saw heightened credibility and trust through the use of digital marketing. The practice is also successful in generating leads, with marketers reporting social media, email, organic content and SEO as the most popular methods. The benefits of digital marketing are so multifaceted because it encompasses such a wide variety of efforts. Strategies can be composed of a combination of organic content creation, paid ad campaigns, search engine optimization and many other services. It is undoubtedly a large undertaking for organizations of any type and size to ensure consistency and quality throughout each and every channel.

The Advantage of Local Agencies

Considering how impactful digital marketing can be, it is imperative you find an agency that will help your company reach its highest potential. In most cases, choosing a team local to yours will maximize results and efficiency. For companies in Orlando, an Orlando-based agency has the advantage of possessing a solid understanding of the market. Especially for a digital marketing campaign, having knowledge of an area, its culture and preferences allows for highly specific, accurate targeting based on demographics and psychographics. Close geographical proximity also gives the opportunity for in-person meetings and timely responses and resolutions. To boost the outcomes of your digital marketing efforts as much as possible, consider an experienced agency near you.

Our Digital Marketing Services

As mentioned earlier, there are a variety of components that factor into a digital marketing strategy. Here at Appleton, we have experts with industry knowledge to cover it all. Our capabilities range widely, including:

  • Campaigns for lead generation, brand awareness, customer interest and more
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) to make your website more favorable to search engines
  • Content creation + marketing for engagement, which involves writing blogs, social media posts, white papers and more, supported by sharing and promotion
  • Social media marketing to attract users to your profile or website with strategic campaigns
  • Email marketing to acquire customers, build brand loyalty and advertise products through a channel with high ROI
  • Infographics that resonate with viewers to visually share important information
  • Custom analytics + reporting that show ROI by tracking landing page and social media analytics to enhance decision making and improve results

For digital marketing projects of any type, Appleton uses a detailed, comprehensive approach. Due to our deeply rooted belief in the importance of backing strategies with data, we start with a research phase. This involves investigating key target audiences, a comprehensive analysis and one or more discovery sessions. These steps establish your brand’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The research phase then transitions into the next step of Appleton’s process of setting goals. This is when we define total campaign goals and benchmarks to reach within the year in accordance with the company’s budget.

Once research is completed and goals are set, Appleton moves into the development of the actual digital marketing campaign. This begins with the creative development stage, when we produce an engaging and effective messaging strategy alongside complementary display image, video, GIF or text ads. These are then used in the campaigns executed based on the digital marketing strategies developed in the next step. With the aim of increasing clickthrough rates and conversions, Appleton hyper-targets ads using user demographics and psychographics. In order to maximize effects, our team may construct, activate, and adjust multiple remarketing campaigns. Throughout all efforts, Appleton monitors the campaign to enhance results and keep all parties up to date. Performance reports based on key performance indicators, from website visitors to engagement to leads, are frequently provided throughout the campaign. This approach has proven successful for our clients, especially due to its adaptability to organizations of all kinds.

Success Stories

CareerSource Central Florida (CSCF)

CSCF provides workforce development services to job seekers and employers in the Central Florida region. The organization created the Level Up Orange program to help Orange County residents and businesses in Orange County find careers and employees, respectively. Our partnership with CSCF constituted a digital marketing campaign to increase qualified leads for this program.

Needs + Goals:

Expose members of the target audience to the resources and opportunities offered through Level Up Orange.

Strategy + Tactics:

Our team launched a digital marketing campaign on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to promote the Level Up Orange program with creative tailored to attracting job seekers in Orange County. Examples of some of the ads created for the campaign can be found below.


  • 45% increase in qualified leads
  • 13% conversion rate (compared to average industry standard of 3%)
  • 17,000 clicks to CSCF website across all ads
  • 3.5 million impressions across all ads
  • 1,567 leads directly attributable to the campaign

HPA Design Group

HPA Design Group is a multifamily interior design firm centered around offering innovative solutions for all types of living communities. The organization’s site showcases its services, blog, extensive portfolio of work and more, but wasn’t getting as much attention as it should.

Needs + Goals:

HPA Design Group wanted its website to rank higher in organic searches to promote more user visits and pageviews.

Strategy + Tactics:

Appleton started by identifying existing issues on the site that were making the website less favorable to search engines. Once these were established, our team implemented updates throughout all pages of the site to increase search engine optimization. This included enhancing meta descriptions, alt information, title tags, keywords and more.


  • Multiple pages now rank first, second or third in organic searches
  • Site health score improved 17%, now standing at an A+ status of 98%

Sam Flax

As much as Sam Flax specializes in a wide variety of high-quality art supplies, unique gifts and more, it also provides less commonly known about custom framing services. Sam Flax came to Appleton with hopes of increasing awareness about these services and their advantages. So, we launched a digital marketing campaign that focused on this need, driving foot traffic, improving brand awareness and increasing overall sales.

Needs + Goals:

Sam Flax was looking to increase website form submissions, phone calls and foot traffic into the local store to improve total monthly revenue.

Strategy + Tactics:

To work toward this, Appleton launched a multi-platform digital marketing campaign that targeted potential customers with multiple series of imaginative, brand-aligned content. Sample ads from throughout our long-standing relationship with Sam Flax are pictured below.


  • 662,912 individuals reached
  • 2,794,828 impressions across all ads
  • 293 qualified leads directly attributable to the campaign
  • 38,687 clicks to Sam Flax website across all ads

Here at Appleton, we have the skills and experience to bring any of your digital marketing efforts to an even higher level. If your brand is having trouble keeping up in the digital realm, we can help. Appleton is an award-winning, full-service Orlando advertising agency that works with local, national and international clients to deliver impressive ad campaigns, branding, print, web, public relations, social media and video services — all in-house. At Appleton, we want to learn about your business, empower your marketing team and be your creative resource. Your advertising goals are worth a conversation: contact us at 407-537-6352 or


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