Marketing Strategy: Insta-Hits – Instagram for promotions, contests and corporate fun

Instagram has caught the attention of 50 million users across the country. The widely popular photo-share site isn’t used only by the millennial generation – savvy-hip business owners can also be found promoting their goods and services. Take a look, and you’ll find that companies of all sizes are taking advantage of the mobile app as a way to interact with their customers on a more intimate scale.

In a previous article, we discussed how to get started on Instagram. Now that you’re signed up, the real fun can begin. You can use the photo filters and editing tools to transform your photos into masterpieces. Upload images that reflect your company brand, your corporate culture or develop a promotion that asks your follows to share photos of your brand. Remember, Instagram is more than just a photo-taking tool; it’s a story-telling opportunity.

How will your brand reach customers?

We love these ideas:

  • Create a Contest – Singer-songwriter Jason Mraz challenged fans to visually translate his latest single, “I Won’t Give Up,” into one photograph. The contest asked fans to tag their photo with #IWONTGIVEUP. Mraz hand-selected 25 winners out of nearly 10,000 entries and the winners’ images were put on display at Animazing Gallery.
  • Behind-the-Scenes – Fashion designer, Kate Spade uses Instagram to give her fans VIP access to photo shoots, behind the scenes looks at colorful store displays, and delicious drinks and treats.
  • Event Marketing – With all the events, films, and parties going on during the Sundance Film Festival, the Institute documented the 10-day celebration by using Instagram to capture the day-to-day activities. Attendees were invited to share their experiences by using #sundance and geotagging their location.
  • Tell Your Story – Use Instagram to share memories in real time or from the past.  How was your company founded? What goes on in your office? How do you make your products? The t-shirt company, Threadless, does a great job sharing images of their company culture.

Have you considered launching a social media campaign on Instagram? As Orlando’s most creative advertising agency, Appleton Creative can help your business reach new heights. We keep tabs on the latest trends so your brand stays ahead of the curve. For more information on social marketing, branding, or mobile development contact Amy Wise at or call 407-246-0092 x7#.

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