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This past weekend, Appleton went on location in Lakeland to shoot commercials for the beautiful, historic landmark that is soon to become Lake Gibson Village. Set gracefully on the shores of Lake Gibson, in a majestic building that offers all the charm and character of the 1920s, is Lake Gibson Village. This refreshingly new independent senior living community in Central Florida turned to Appleton Creative to share its modern view on senior wellness and to spread the word that at Lake Gibson Village, you can Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life.

Opening soon to residents, the Lake Gibson Village experience is unlike any other offered in Florida, and it deserves a marketing plan that educates consumers on its unique qualities. These include:

  1. The history: Formerly the Carpenters Home, which opened in 1928 as a retirement haven for carpenters, the community benefits from remarkable architecture, fine craftsmanship and an ambiance that simply can’t be recreated today.
  2. Emphasis on wellness: Lake Gibson Village takes the concept of wellness and expands it to encompass healthy food options, hobbies, lake access, convenience, social community experiences and intellectual activities, combined with spiritual and emotional facets as well.
  3. Affordability: Lake Gibson Village is a five-star living community, priced so that Central Florida seniors can afford to live there.

Working with the Lake Gibson Village team, Appleton created a media plan that creatively fulfills these key qualities, while focusing on the core and secondary demographics in Central Florida’s territories: Lakeland primarily; Tampa and Orlando secondarily. The strategy is to focus on various qualities of the independent senior living community as the project heads into its 2016 opening.

Creative services include commercials, print ads, a series of billboards, videos with amazing aerial footage showcasing the expansive property on Lake Gibson and more. Messaging about the full body and mind wellness services that feel like concierge amenities, but are part of the everyday invigorating spirit of the independent senior living community, have also been included in the summer campaign. To introduce the project to the community, Lake Gibson Village wanted to make the connection between the historic Carpenters Home and the philosophy that at Lake Gibson Village, seniors are empowered to make the rest of their lives the best of their lives. If you’re interested in touring this historic facility, schedule a tour here.

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