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A cursory glance at and is all it takes to see the similarities between these sites and the popular website Look closer though, and you’ll see a few slight differences; instead of pictures of family dinners and women’s fashion, you’ll find cars, bikes and bacon.

Yes, bacon.

That’s because the and sites are specifically designed for men. Why do guys feel they need their own site? Although Pinterest was designed as a gender-equal zone, it became a popular trend among US women. In fact, 83% of U.S. Pinterest users are female. This is in sharp contrast to our allies across the pond. In the UK, 56% are men.

Appleton Creative asked their Chief Office Helper (COH), 16 year-old Derrika White, for her take on the two sites.

Derrika’s Insights:

On you may find things like gin made out of bacon, bacon printed shoes, and poems about bacon. Meanwhile on you may find things like soap bars made to look like an NES Controller (That’s an Nintendo Entertainment System Controller, ladies) that smells like Mountain Dew. seems a little bit smarter than

The remaining question is still “Why do men need their own site?” We may never know ladies. I believe the reasons for these two very unnecessary websites is because men need to compete with women. Don’t worry ladies; has creative ideas for everyday use while and has Mountain Dew scented soap bars and bacon.

That’s right. Bacon.

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