LinkedIn Updates That Can Make You Rich

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Just as everyone got comfortable with LinkedIn, they rolled out a new platform. Here are important recent LinkedIn updates you and your business need to know.

Showcase Pages

This August, LinkedIn rolled out a new way to highlight your brand, business or initiative. Called Showcase Pages, they provide companies with an alternative means to drive LinkedIn engagement, with a focus on building relationships. Unlike an individual page, Showcase Pages are extensions of the main company page. Functioning as more targeted pages, they can emphasize certain aspects of your business and messages to specific audience segments.

Sponsored Updates

If your business is striving to reach more customers through advertising, the Sponsored Posts option is worth considering. Penny Price, vice president of marketing solutions, said that the early test campaigns increased engagement rates by an average increase of 30 percent. HubSpot, an early investor in Sponsored Updates, saw 400 percent more leads from their LinkedIn campaign than from other paid efforts. Promoted content can include slideshows, articles, videos, and whitepapers.

Language Preference Targeting

Meant for companies looking to share local content with users in multiple regions, Language Preference Targeting is a straightforward way of sharing updates in a user’s preferred language.

Personalized Page Feed

Users can select only updates that interest them, much like they can on their other social networks. Users can now choose to see updates based on specific regions, company size or even personal seniority.

More Reasons You Should Link In to LinkedIn:

  • There are 300 million users worldwide
  • The site gets 187 million unique visitors monthly
  • Late 2013 statistics report three million business pages
  • Google generally reports LinkedIn company pages within the top 1-2 pages of results

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