5 Ways To Stand Out In LinkedIn’s New Algorithm

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LinkedIn recently made some updates to its algorithm in May 2022, with the goal to provide users with a productive and engaging experience on their feed. LinkedIn is a great tool for professional networking, job hunting and career management. But we can’t forget that LinkedIn is also a social media platform with algorithms, so it involves some strategy to get the right eyes on your company’s profile. We’ve highlighted the two main changes that can affect your company’s profile and provide tools for you to keep succeeding.

Breakdown of the new algorithm

Customizable user experience

LinkedIn wants users to have control over the content they see, so its added an option to help with that.

If you see content on your feed that doesn’t interest you, for whatever the reason, LinkedIn has an “I don’t want to see this” button that will allow you to customize the type of posts you see on your feed. Over time, the algorithm will learn what you want to see and keep the content relevant to you. 

Filtering the quality of posts

In efforts to keep users’ feeds authentic and helpful, LinkedIn has added a filter that sorts posts in one of three categories: spam, low quality and high quality.

Spam content is considered to be those posts that ask users to engage with the content with likes or reactions. These kinds of posts only have the intention of boosting reach on the platform and don’t provide any sort of relevant or helpful content. LinkedIn wants to promote reliable, credible and authentic content. 

If your post is not considered spam, then it will get posted to your audience. If the post gets little engagement, it’s considered low-quality. But the more engagement a post gets, the higher it gets ranked and the more people it will reach. 

How to stand out

1. Know your audience

If you know your audience, you’ll know what they want to see from you. Don’t be afraid to experiment with types of posts to see what will perform better. You can utilize LinkedIn Analytics to see what type of posts perform the best and why. According to Hootsuite, posts with images get twice as many comments as text post and videos get five times the engagement. Keep this in mind when you’re crafting content.

2. Engage in conversations

Because LinkedIn wants authentic and relevant interactions between users, you’ll want to generate engagement. What LinkedIn defines as engagement can include likes and comments from other users, but it also includes replying to comments on your posts. After you post something, make sure to take some time to reply to those who took the time to comment on your post; you can thank them for taking the time to read or answer questions. This opens up the conversation and gets your post more engagement.

3. Follow best practices

In order for your posts to be considered high-quality, you’ll want to do a few things. First, make sure your post is easy to read, this will help people engage if they see it’s a quick and easy read. Second, ask a question in your post, this encourages people to comment. Third, use two to five hashtags in order to keep your posts focused and help you connect with a larger audience. Avoid using hashtags like #comment, #like or #follow, as they are considered spam. Lastly, be strategic with your words, by incorporating keywords you can catch a user’s attention.

4. Follow best practices

If you want to get engagement, you have to post when people are active on their account. Influencer Marketing Hub suggest that the best times to post on LinkedIn are:

Wednesday: 8 AM, 9 AM,  10 AM, 12 PM, 3 PM

Thursday: 9 AM, 10 AM, 1 PM, 2 PM

Friday: 9 AM, 11 AM, 12 PM

Take this with a grain of salt though, as it can vary depending on your audience. This is when LinkedIn Analytics can help you see what times perform best for your brand’s unique audience.

5. Promote your post outside of LinkedIn

30% of a company’s engagement comes from the employees, so next time you post something make sure to let your office know! This is another way to get engagement, as employees are 14x more likely to share content from their employers. It will likely get to someone outside their network because LinkedIn’s algorithm is made to highlight individuals, not businesses.  

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