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Marketers are always on the lookout for the trendiest way to keep up with consumers. Despite technology constantly evolving, one outlet that has always stayed on top is email. Enewsletters are a major way for companies to keep their followers in the loop and establish stronger bonds. Email has always been a trusty form of marketing, and if your company isn’t already aware, you should discover the benefits of an enewsletter.


Email is Global

One of the many benefits of email marketing is that email is one of the most universal tools people use. As of today, over half the planet uses email, or roughly 100 million people. Based on that statistic, it’s no wonder email is still a favorable outlet for marketers. Not only is it popular, it’s also extremely effective when it comes to bringing in customers. Just to give you an idea, email is 40 times more likely to bring in new customers than Twitter or Facebook. So if your company wants to reach a large number of people, email marketing is the way to go. 

Connect with Consumers

Establishing a connection with readers is one of the top benefits of an email newsletter. Enewsletters keep readers up-to-date with vital information, which gives them a closer look at what your company is working on. This inside look can even increase brand loyalty because they have a deeper sense of what your company is all about. In order to spark that initial interest in consumers, consider personalizing your enewsletters. It’s been discovered that people are 26% more likely to open an email with a personalized subject line. People are drawn to companies that speak directly to them because it makes them feel like they’re not just another number.

Boost Sales

As a powerful tool that connects with customers, email can even lead to increased sales. Email’s worldwide popularity is an effective way to get information out to your customers. Loyal customers are potentially worth 10 times as much as their first purchase. These aren’t the only ways to increase sales. Since 61% of consumers prefer to receive weekly promotional emails, sending out the occasional discounted offer can greatly encourage sales. By including promotional discounts, you’re showing readers that there are benefits of enewsletters to customers. A strategic way to send out this type of information would be to set up a drip campaign. Drip campaigns automatically send out a certain number of marketing emails at specific times, making it easier for your company to follow a certain schedule.

Measure Success with Analytics

To ensure your email campaigns are as effective as they should be, utilizing analytical reports on customer relationship management systems (CRMs), can help determine its success by tracking specific data points. These specialized programs can include specific metrics such as open-rates, click-through rates (CTRs), bounce rates, abuse rates and unsubscribe rates. For example, if data shows a strong number in how often your emails are being opened, that open-rate percentage is proving your subject lines are enticing enough to be clicked on.

CTRs go hand-in-hand with open-rates, too. They are measured by how often people read the copy and click on the links provided within your email. These two metrics are what give your company the leads you seek. However, those subject lines and copy need to be seamless in order to be effective.

It’s evident that there’s a great deal that goes into the success of enewsletters. By hiring a digital marketing specialist, they can analyze these CRM reports to ensure your enewsletter campaigns are performing at their best, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your business. Not to mention, these professionals also have design and programming skills required to achieve maximum results. Knowing how to design and place important information throughout enewsletters and how to properly program them can greatly impact the analytics of enewsletters.

Tips for an Efficient Enewsletter

Of course, companies should follow a specific approach in order to achieve results. It’s critical to send out important, viable information so your readers are interested enough to check it out time after time. It’s also imperative to send your enewsletter out frequently and consistently. For instance, over 50% of donors tend to leave organizations based on the company’s lack of communication. Sending out monthly or even weekly enewsletters is one way for consumers to keep up with companies. Customers are much more likely to open an email when a customer sends out multiple emails per month, as opposed to just one.

This may also come as a surprise, but there’s more to developing enewsletters than just consistently sending out information. A foolproof way to ensure you’ll produce the greatest results from your enewsletter is by working with professionals. Collaborating with an advertising agency is an ideal way to get the most out of your work because they have an entire staff dedicated to the design and content of your enewsletter. Advertising agencies are able to collect data and apply new techniques to help your business reach its goals.

With all the different options companies have to connect with consumers, it’s imperative to understand the email marketing benefits of 2019. Besides email being a global outlet that influences customer loyalty, it has the ability to boost sales. Email has been a powerful tool through and through, and should not be overlooked when deciding your company’s marketing strategy. With all this in mind, it’s clear that email isn’t going anywhere, or at least not anytime soon.

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