Juicy News | Spring 2013

Expressway Authority’s Designated Texter Campaign Goes National

Did you now that drivers who send and receive text messages are 23 times more likely to cause a car accident? The Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority launched the Designated Texter campaign to curb distracted driving on the roadways. Appleton Creative was commissioned to design and produce the marketing materials for the Designated Texter campaign including website landing pages, print ads, and billboard. Our imaginative designers and copywriters also created scripts and storyboards for TV commercials and radio PSA’s. Make the pledge today and go to http://www.ExpresswayAuthority.com. To read the national report by the Huffington Post, click here.  

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New Addition to the Appleton Family:
EastGroup Properties  

Nestled along Central Florida’s busiest expressway, the construction of an impressive 130-acre industrial distribution facility is officially underway. EastGroup Properties is a nationally recognized equity real estate investment trust that focuses on the acquisition, ownership and development of industrial properties. The corporation has enlisted the help of Appleton Creative to design a digital and print brochure for Horizon Commerce Park, Central Florida’s latest business distribution center.

New Addition to the Appleton Family:
Three W International

Across the United States, a record number of international students are attending top-tier high schools to prepare for enrollment in prestigious and Ivy League Universities. Three W International is North America’s leading international student management company. Three W connects highly-desirable gifted students with academic institutions and provides guidance and direction throughout the duration of the program. We are proud to announce the launch of Three W’s website: http://www.threew.com

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Good Apples

Appleton Awareness Gallery

“Lighting the Way” Exhibit

Appleton hosted another jam-packed art exhibit! “Lighting the Way” features art pieces created by the talented students and faculty from Beacon College. Beacon College is the premier accredited nonprofit college offering both bachelor and associate’s degrees exclusively for students with learning disabilities and ADHD. All proceeds from the event went towards creating scholarships for students majoring in the new Studio Art Major.

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What’s Your Type?

Appleton Team-Building 

Are you introverted or extroverted? Appleton learned more about the individual characteristics of each team member after participating in a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment. The test helps to measure psychological personality preferences. Our friend Theresa Heldt at Strategize IT led the Appleton team-building workshop and further explained to us each of the four principal psychological functions. 

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Kids Beating Cancer Cheers For the Orlando Solar Bears 

Here at Appleton, we’re huge Orlando Solar Bears fans. To share the excitement, we donated tickets to a group of children from Kids Beating Cancer and Great Oaks Village Foster Care. The crew got to watch the Bears play on the ice from our very own deluxe suite. The kids had a great time! For many, it was their first time watching a hockey game. We hope the experience created a lifetime of memories. 

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Project Spotlight

CNL Financial Group Celebrates their 40th Anniversary 

CNL Financial Groupone of the nation’s largest real estate and alternative investment firms, celebrated its 40th anniversary with a special community gathering. To commemorate the event, they changed its building’s ionic Cupola colors from purple to ruby red – the color of Leo. Appleton’s video department joined CNL on-location to shoot footage of the spectacular event to use in their corporate videos. Appleton Creative also designed CNL’s exclusive logo commemorating 40 years of business and community impact, as well as additional marketing materials. 

Social Media Tip

Stand Out from the Competition with Prezi 

Looking for a unique and innovative way to tell your story? We’ve got the solution! Prezi is a cloud-based application software that allows you to create non-linear presentations using a single zoom-able canvas. Think in comparison of a whiteboard. With Prezi, you’re able to tell your story through tracing a path from one idea to another. At Appleton, we’ve used the Prezi for our Lunch & Learn educational series, pitch and client presentations. 

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