March/April 2015

The 411 on I-4

The journey has only just begun. From facts and figures to traffic and tolls, get in the know on I-4 construction before you go. Our infographic provides you with everything you need to navigate I-4 construction.

Hilton Worldwide Showcases Luxury Brands with a Five-Star, Sophisticated Video

Appleton puts viewers in the lap of luxury with a video for Hilton Worldwide showcasing how to sell its luxury brands, the renowned Waldorf Astoria and Conrad.

It’s PB&J Time: Which Wich Makes Headlines in Entrepreneur Magazine

Entrepreneur is hot off the press and it features one of our sweet clients. Read all about how Which Wich is changing the world through the power of PB&J’s.

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Responsive Websites  Fad or Strategy?

Responsive design means the functionality and design of your website is supported on any screen size. Keep up with consumer trends and check out these top three reasons why you should go responsive.

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The Science of Sight: Why Infographics Work

Did you know your brain actually craves captivating visuals? By implementing infographics into your marketing strategy, your social media engagement could skyrocket.

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Tasty Tricks for April Fools’ Day

The air horn under the chair trick is so last April. It’s time to kick it up a notch. If you are looking to stand out from the average office pranksters this April Fools’ Day, we’ve prepared a list of deviously delicious food pranks sure to spice up your day and inspire some office antics. 

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