March 2014

Mobile Website vs. Mobile App: What’s the Difference and Which Do You Need?

It’s 2014 and more people are using their mobile devices than their desktop computers to access the internet. Establishing a mobile presence for your business has become a necessity instead of a novelty. But which is the best solution – mobile website or app?

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Need To Knows

Email Marketing for Small Businesses

An estimated 4.1 billion email accounts will be in use by 2015. Email marketing, having been utilized as a marketing tool for years and boasting an ROI of 4,300%, is your ticket to top-of-mind awareness.

How Not To Be Duped By SEO Spam

Have so-called SEO companies solicited you via email? Have you been promised overnight front-page ranking increases and immediate surges in web traffic?

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The Power of Print


Print is a secret marketing weapon. One of the most important benefits print offers is tangibility. The effect is enhanced when you can hold, touch, and feel a marketing piece in your hands.

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Appleton Creative Wins Silver Addy Award for Rhett Alexander Brochures

As respected brand experts in the industry, Appleton Creative was sought out by Rhett Alexander to create marketing collateral for prospective clients. The results were simply award-winning.

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Capture the Warm and Fuzzy: Nostalgia Marketing

Ads don’t have to always be aimed at a bigger, brighter future; the past can be equally as bright. Companies can now tap into those “warm and fuzzy” feelings to help consumers relate it to their brand.

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