July 2014

EarthLinked Numbers Come in Big

This has been an exciting year for EarthLinked Technologies, Inc., the leading geothermal solution. Check out how we solidified their brand and spread the word about their renewable energy systems.

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Need To Knows

Lost in Translation: International Advertising Gone Wrong

Did you know KFC’s slogan, “finger lickin’ good,” means “we’ll eat your fingers” in Chinese? Be sure to avoid these advertising faux pas. 

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How to Make a National Brand an International Success

If you want to make your brand successful overseas, the transition isn’t easy. Find out what you need to do to achieve global recognition.

Why You Should Use a Full-Service Ad Agency

When it comes to advertising agencies, one-stop shopping is the way to go. See why you should give your brand the full-service TLC that it deserves. 

The EDC Schwartz Award Goes Retro

Vintage is the new modern. We created a logo for the EDC Schwartz Tech Awards to fit the retro trend while still keeping the look fresh and contemporary.

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Granny NANNIES Names Appleton Creative Agency of Record

Appleton Creative is excited to help Granny NANNIES firmly establish their digital footprint in the at-home healthcare market.

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Facebook Adds ‘Save’ Feature for Easy Archiving

Do you take social media breaks at work and frequently find posts you want to save for later? Facebook will soon be offering a ‘Save’ button allowing users easy access to earlier, interesting stories.

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