April 2014

American Lung Association and Appleton Creative Work Together to Raise Money and Awareness

Join us in the fight for healthy air: The American Lung Association is launching a fundraising effort in Central Florida with the goal to go national. Appleton Creative designed the decals and collateral. Where can you purchase your decal? 

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Need To Knows

SEO Infographic: How to Grow Your Business

Here’s a crash course in SEO so that you can conquer industry jargon and grow your business through search engine optimization. 

Agency of Record for the SPCA of Central Florida

Appleton Creative was named the Agency of Record for the SPCA of Central Florida, and will head up the rebrand and marketing campaign.

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Motion Graphics: Tell Your Story

Motion graphics combine imagery with animation — a creative way to tell a brand story and an ideal was to poisition your company.

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The Hispanic Market: Market Where it Matters

The Hispanic market is showing tremendous growth and an impressive return on investment. What could it do for your business?

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Why You Should Leave Media Buying to the Masters

Sure, you can answer any question with the click of a button, but here’s why your agency should be handling your media buying. 

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