It’s Time to Celebrate Social Media Day 2015

Mashable Social Media Day Orlando 2015

Save the date for this year’s annual Social Media Day, Tuesday, June 30th, created in celebration of social media’s impact on global communication. First launched by Mashable in 2010, the vision for Social Media Day is to highlight the ways in which social media and digital innovation have increasingly come to revolutionize our society.

Now on its sixth celebration, thousands of people around the world partake in Social Media Day with hundreds of events taking place. Egypt, Spain, Las Vegas and San Diego are among some of the major locations that celebrated in 2014.

Why Should We Honor Social Media?

The impact social media has on our communication is astounding. Breaking news is shared within 140 characters, childhood friends stay in touch from opposite ends of the hemisphere and brands engage with their customers on an entirely new and personal level. The abilities to advertise on social media platforms and narrowly target demographics and psychographics bring cutting edge advertising experiences and in-depth consumer reporting like we’ve never seen before.

How Should You Celebrate?

You can attend a local Social Media Day meetup in your area or host your own event if there isn’t one already. Join the Mashable Meetup Organizers group on Facebook to see what organizers around the world are planning for this year’s Social Media Day. You can also use #SMDay on Twitter, Instagram and Google+ to be part of the conversation.

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