Is Your Facebook Page A Negativity-Free Zone?

Facebook and Twitter are social telephones. Your customers use these social outlets to talk (and talk and talk and talk). When customers post on your pages, it doesn’t matter if the feedback is positive or negative, your followers will see all communication. And it seems fair to say that more people tend to join in a discussion when they have a complaint than they do when they have a compliment.

The issue: An upset customer posts a complaint to your businesses’ Facebook page for all your customers (and potential customers) to see.

Your options:

  • Acknowledge the complaint: According to a study by The Maritz Research Company, 83% of complainants that received a reply liked or loved the fact that the company responded.
  • If you can’t respond, schedule a time to talk: Scheduling a time for further problem solving is better than leaving feedback unacknowledged. According to The Retail Consumer Report, commissioned by RightNow and conducted by Harris Interactive in 2011, 33% of people who received a response to a negative review turned around and posted a positive review. In addition, 34% deleted their original negative review.
  • Hire an agency to monitor your social media: Hiring a social media guru ensures your company or brand maintains a positive image. Many consumer concerns are expressed outside of normal business hours. Having a social media expert to constantly monitor posts efforts bridges these timeframes.

Bottom line: Your customers are your greatest ambassadors and they want to be acknowledged. Appleton Creative specializes in social media management and optimization. Let Appleton guide your media efforts!

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