Is Google Disappearing in a Mess of Alphabet Soup?

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With so many changes to Google lately, what’s really going on? Recent, albeit major, changes to Google come in the form of a new CEO and the diminishing role of Google+. Sundar Pichai, a name we might start hearing more of, has taken over the title of CEO from Larry Page, who is now CEO of new parent company Alphabet.

Alphabet is Google’s newly established holding company. Alphabet now encompasses Google and all Google-affiliated services such as Google Maps, YouTube, Chrome and Android, to name a few. Alphabet’s approach is best described in the following announcement, “Google is not a conventional company. We do not intend to become one.” So it seems Alphabet has great plans for Google, even though they are “slimming” down Google’s services.

Once anticipated to be at the forefront of the social media industry, Google+ seems to not have been as popular as they led the public to believe. Of 2.2 billion Google+ users, only approximately 9% are active. In an attempt to respond to its users, Google realized Google+ shouldn’t be the identity all users go through to utilize its sites. Many YouTubers like to stay anonymous in their comments and the requirement of having a Google+ account made this quite difficult. Google+ is no longer required in order to use YouTube and other Google sites, which has excited many who disliked the requirement.

As Google tries to adapt, it recently updated its logo to a sans serif font, which is typically modern and seamless. Having originally been designed for only PCs, Google is now used on endless devices no matter the size or brand. Google is utilized in tap, talk and type platforms and in a myriad of different interfaces such as phones, computers and cars. Being accessible to its users at all times, in all ways, allows for fluid computing and is definitely something to brag about. The idea of a trimmed and modernized logo seems to be affiliated with the new concept Google is embodying, a “slightly more slimmed down” Google.

All of these adjustments seem to demonstrate that the Google we know and love is changing on the inside, too. The company separated itself into departments to allow for better management. Google is now operating on its own, with all relevant programs intact. Other non-relevent projects, such as the X Lab and Calico, will operate as separate entities from Google and will report to different CEOs.

Some modifications make sense, as every company needs to grow and adapt in order to stay up to date with the rapid changes in technology. But how much “slimming” and change is really necessary for this tech giant? Under its new parent, Alphabet, hopefully they continue to thrive.

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