Introducing the Cutting-edge Alternative to Plastic Flatware

As COVID-19 required us to stay in the comfort of our homes, eating in and ordering to-go has become more and more common. And with it, so has the distribution and use of single-use plastic flatware. But there’s good news. Blackwood Industries, Inc., a company specializing in flatware and other food service products for restaurants, has put a whole new product on the map.

Bryan LaRue of Blackwood Industries, Inc. researched and found quality solutions for its nationwide customers’ restaurant needs. Privately owned in Orlando, Florida, Blackwood works with their clients in the food service, CPG (consumer packaged goods) and product development industries to provide them with high-quality tableware products. Their newest venture? Reusable and recyclable stainless steel flatware.

How can this new flatware benefit Blackwood clients and their customers?

  • It’s made of 100% recyclable stainless steel
  • Is environmentally friendly and 100% chemical free
  • It’s more durable than plastic flatware
  • It comes sterilized in a biodegradable pouch
  • It’s reusable and cost-effective

Data from a study done by the Southern Cross University showed that over 90% of people are concerned for our environment and over 40% of people are concerned with plastic pollution. With less plastic and more products like this 100% recyclable stainless-steel flatware sold by Blackwood Industries, people can help the cause that they care about.

With this announcement, Blackwood asked our team of creatives to help them promote this exciting news to clients. From photography to design, our team worked to create a message that would best represent the Blackwood brand and its newest product. It was especially important to showcase the environmental friendliness of the flatware in the imagery and copy.

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