Now Visualize This: How to Make Your Content More Attractive

While digital and print articles are a great way to talk to your audience and provide more information about industry-related topics, there’s one strategy that can help get your customers to read more of your content. If you have information that can be displayed more visually, using infographics for marketing can provide the most ideal way to convey that information in a graphically appealing way. Instead of reading paragraphs of content, your audience can quickly skim the infographic, see the numbers or stats right away and absorb the information visually. In fact, a study showed that digital content containing compelling imagery averaged 94 percent more total views than content without. Read more to learn infographic marketing tips and how you can use this highly effective tool to your advantage.

Infographics follow a simple formula:

  1. Condense the information
  2. Design with a theme in mind
  3. Call out numbers and stats
  4. Combine images/illustrations and minimal copy

Why Are Infographics Effective?

Humans are naturally visual creatures and the rise of the internet and social media is increasing our use of visual learning. As we continuously move into a more digital landscape, people are drawn to graphics and images rather than copy-heavy materials. In addition, infographics for marketing are highly shareable and effective for growing an audience on social media.

What Are the Benefits of Infographics?

The significance of an infographic marketing strategy lies in their ability to easily relay information. Taking into account form and function with less reliance on the copy, infographics offer numerous advantages to you and your audience:

  • They’re easily shareable on social media, which leads to increased awareness and engagement
  • They offer the opportunity to showcase your company as a thought-leader and demonstrate credibility on the subject matter
  • They keep your brand top of mind. Humans can recall 65 percent of what we see in a visual even multiple days later. This means your audience will not only associate the infographic with your brand, but they will remember it. 

Great Design & Strategy

If you have an interesting topic and the perfect amount of information to include in an infographic, but it is designed poorly, chances are that it won’t be shared. The key to an effective infographic is a creative, relevant theme that’s executed by a highly skilled designer. Professional advertising agencies have trained designers and art directors who are experienced in theming and design specifically for infographics. The other benefit of utilizing an advertising agency is its ability to help you disseminate the infographic through the most effective marketing channels. Based on the content, they can advise on the best strategy, mediums and messaging, so you can get the most engagement.

Get Creative with Your Topics

Infographics are great to utilize as a regular marketing tool, but you have to stay fresh and creative with your content. Make sure the topic is something your audience is not only interested in reading, but also sharing. Brainstorming the best topics for your company is also something an advertising agency is well-versed in assisting with. Take, for instance, this infographic we created about how SEO can help businesses grow.

This infographic is relevant to our audience — companies that might not know much about SEO, but want to learn more about it and how it affects their business. It also has a theme carried throughout, calls out numbers and stats separately and is visual in conveying the information.

You can also capitalize on holiday-themed or event-inspired infographics that are designed to gain traction in your local area. For example, every year we create a Valentine’s Day infographic for the Orlando community that shows local events and things to do for singles and for couples. This might not be specifically for our target audience, but it’s appealing to a wider audience on a local scale, and it’s highly shareable for social media.

things to do for Valentine's Day in orlando

As you can see, infographics can easily be implemented into your current marketing strategy, and they are highly effective tools for positioning your business as a thought-leader, increasing awareness and engagement, and keeping your brand top of mind. For more examples of successful infographics for marketing, check out the infographics section of our blog.

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