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In a world of immediate gratification and an abundance of online and offline options for consumers, B2C marketing requires a unique and innovative approach. The competition is bountiful, and it has never been more important for brands to connect with consumers on a real, authentic and personal level. The best brands align themselves with their target markets, strategically communicating core values, promises and unique benefits, all while finding the best way to place their brand into the consumer’s lifestyle.

Specialists in B2C advertising, Appleton is an expert in communicating your unique selling proposition, differentiating your business from competition and encouraging consumers to react with your brand positively and make a purchase. Starting with research, we strategize the best way to reach your target audience and distinguish your business while also aligning your brand with your target consumer’s values. The Orange County Library System (OCLS) is just one example of consumer marketing done right. In order to combat the myth that libraries were out-of-date and only provided books, Appleton promoted the unique benefits of OCLS beyond the books. This full-scale, multimedia campaign elicited impressive results that increased library card sign-ups and created awareness for OCLS’ expansive services.


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With 15 branches and 350 employees, the Orange County Library System (OCLS) serves more than 4 million visitors each year. OCLS needed help communicating its services that go beyond books, such as educational courses, vocational simulators, a recording studio, camera equipment and more. To reach families in Central Florida, we launched a full-scale, bilingual advertising campaign that included creative ways of speaking to the various services the library offers. The outstanding results included a billboard reach of 17,016,157 and a digital advertising reach of 9,010,670.

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