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Whether you have an investment business, financial institution or law firm, adding to your bottom line is of utmost importance when it comes to business and finance marketing strategy. It’s important to differentiate your firm from the competition and instill a sense of trust in your clientele that your offerings are the best out there. Positioning your brand and communicating your unique selling proposition and benefits to your target audience are just some of the key factors for marketing in the professional services industry. Orchestrating a powerful, cost-effective campaign that produces quality results requires expertise and finesse, and you need an experienced advertising and marketing agency that specializes in the business and finance world.

As a marketing expert in the business and finance industry, we help companies develop their communication strategies, implement effective campaigns and deliver quantifiable and sustainable results. We understand the nuances of navigating financial marketing compliance, developing long-term relationships with clients and positioning your brand to make it stand out among competitors. As an example, we’ve developed comprehensive strategic and creative advertising campaigns for TBS, a $2 billion company that provides financial solutions for independent trucking professionals. Beginning with one campaign in 2010, we’ve helped TBS grow exponentially with over 100 unique advertising campaigns to date.

TBS has increased revenues of 355%
since inception of Appleton’s marketing campaigns

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As a $2 billion national company, TBS provides comprehensive financial solutions for independent trucking professionals all over the country. Its main service, freight bill factoring, provides simple cash flow solutions for owner-operators. A client since 2010, we’ve helped TBS grow and flourish over the years with branding that stays true to its company image and target audience. We’ve become brand masters, developing multimedia campaigns aimed at grabbing the attention of truck drivers and conveying how easy it is to work with TBS and get cash flowing. As a result, TBS has been able to grow exponentially over the years into the widespread, industry-leading company it is today.

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